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Airgusto Travels Further

Airberlin has announced that it is expanding its globally unique airgusto restaurant service, it will also be available on all long-haul flights from Dusseldorf and for the first time on flights from New York and Abu Dhabi. airberlin introduced the restaurant service on long-haul flights from Berlin in October 2016 and it has quickly become popular with its passengers.

With airgusto, passengers who have booked a long-haul airberlin flight in Economy Class can choose from a selection of more than 20 different meals from 17 trendy local restaurants. The meals are prepared by specialized in-flight catering chefs using the original recipes of the partner restaurants to make certain that the taste and texture of the food is just as impressive at 10,000 meters as it would be in the restaurants in Berlin, Dusseldorf, New York or Abu Dhabi.

airberlin says “the quality and freshness of the meals are key for the airgusto experience.” The airworthy meals are then loaded onto the aircraft in compliance with strict safety and hygiene standards and served in the cabin on china crockery. For instance, Menta Cucina Italiana adds Italian flair to in-flight dining, while the Seoul restaurant treats passengers to authentic Korean cuisine on flights from Dusseldorf. airberlin passengers on flights departing New York can enjoy an American burger from Burger Joint or a Mac&Cheese from Macbar, while Circo and Byblos spoil them with Tuscan and Lebanese delicacies on flights from Abu Dhabi. The prices for the three-course meals range start from $25.


Hong Kong Rolls out its first Food Trucks

Sixteen government approved food trucks will take turns to rotate between eight designated locations around the island, beginning a two-year pilot scheme designed to enhance the appeal of tourist attractions. A free mobile app called “HK Food Truck” will help customers locate the trucks which will be serving up locally inspired treats as well as other cuisine to suite the tastes of both locals and visitors. On offer will be such items as soft pork bone with turnip rice or pineapple buns with fresh cream. If not to your taste, try the Spanish grilled cheese sandwiches, egg puffs or BBQ Pork Burgers. Look out for Beef and Liberty serving up Western burgers or Pineapple Canteen selling the traditional buns served either with fresh pineapple and cream or stuffed with pork chops.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.21.08 PM.png

The Powerpuff Girls Collection Unveiled at Fyodor Golan Fashion Show Collaboration from Cartoon Network and Award-Winning London-Based Label Debuts at London Fashion Week; Line to Launch in Retail in July 2017

Turner’s Cartoon Network and Fyodor Golan showcased on Friday an all-new collaboration inspired by the original ambassadors of #Girlpower, The Powerpuff Girls. The super-cute, super-fierce animated crime-fighting trio featured as part of the fashion designers’ bold and vibrant new collection, aimed at today’s modern and iconic woman: “seductive, fragile and fearless”. Fyodor Golan’s Autumn/Winter collection was revealed at the exclusive Fyodor Golan fashion show in London this morning. Featured on the runway during the event were seven of the 15-piece collection. Kicking off the display, a bespoke piece of animation created by Cartoon Network saw the designers catapulted to the city of Townsville to appear in their very own episode of The Powerpuff Girls. For a sneak peek, please click here. What’s more, the designers have also created miniature digital versions of their most recognisable pieces for – giving fans across the globe the chance to turn themselves into their very own Powerpuffed person wearing Fyodor Golan.

Fyodor and Golan said: “We grew up with The Powerpuff Girls and are still huge fans! For us, these three characters empower you to be yourself. Encompassing strength and standing up for yourself against all odds, and being overly cute at the same time. Designing with the girls in mind was really liberating and felt very naturally relevant. We love the iconic quality they come with, in the simplicity of line, colour and mood. Staring in our own The Powerpuff Girls cartoon was like a dream come true.”  The full range of products from The Powerpuff Girls x Fyodor Golan collection includes an assortment of outerwear, tops, sweatshirts, skirts, dresses and trousers, as well as a “mini-me” collection for powerful women and their aspiring girls. The Autumn/Winter 2017 collection will be available for sale beginning in July at select department stores and boutiques worldwide.  

The Powerpuff Girls x Fyodor Golan collaboration is the first of many global surprises to further solidify the return of Cartoon Network’s aspirational franchise to the pop culture spotlight. Local fans won’t be forgotten, and the POWFACTOR will be brought to the African continent through some exciting local activations this year – watch this space! Since their TV-screen debut in 1998, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have charmed girls and women of all ages – proving that girl power should never be underestimated. With all-new episodes of the reimagined animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios currently airing on Cartoon Network worldwide, along with an ambitious, multi-category licensing programme, generations of fans, both old and new, can continue to be mesmerised by The Powerpuff Girls.


Samba into Lent

24-28 (Shrove Tuesday) February  2017 Just before the Lenten season begins Rio de Janeiro kicks into full party mode with Carnaval. Celebrations are aplenty and this year was no different Street parties abound (called blocos), bars and restaurants are all abuzz and Carnival balls are held throughout the city. It’s literally the ‘last hurrah’ before the Catholic period of reflection that comes before Easter. Carnival in Rio has become famous as the largest party in the world and although it was traditionally a Catholic event, people from far and wide and various religions enjoy the festivities of the city.

From the minute you step off the plane, the feeling of Carnival permeates the air. This year the festivities kicked off with the “LED is my Light” party which marked the official start to the carnival. The Samba Parade which is world famous for the vibrant costumes seems to get bigger and more colourful every year, if that is even possible. Every top Samba school in the country is represented and the result is nothing short of spectacular. The Sambadromo is as always the centre of the celebrations and this year’s Carnival balls were as glamorous as ever. The Rio Carnival is arguably one of the world’s most famous carnivals and not even controversy or politics stops the outrageous fun that the city looks forward to every year. So next year, grab your sequins and OTT costume and head for Rio, four days of crazy, wild and colourful fun. Not to mention the music.

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