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Director of petit verboten host and a wine fundi, Ndumiso Mngadi, shares his wine knowledge and expertise in the world of wine.

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Wine of the month: Dirty Little Secret 2015

A word from: ken forrester  owner of ken forrester wines

We took a trip backwards in time to make a thoroughly modern wine. A wine that will age beautifully for at least the next ten years, a tribute hopefully to the age and concentration of the vines, as well as to low, very low interruptive winemaking, a natural wine in every sense and finally bottled totally naturally with no cold stabilization or fining and it is crystal clear, slightly golden in a good way, with a still lime green rim and how did I do that you ask? Well it’s unfiltered, unfined just a Dirty Little Secret – naturally!


Ageing Potential: A wine that will age beautifully for at least the next ten years

Blend Information

Wine for thought – Wine analysis

There’s so much more to looking ahead, my thoughts went to finding a proper old vineyard of veritable age, on a beautiful remote mountainside in the classic old “bush vine” or French “gobelet” style mimicking a brandy snifter in shape. A very old vineyard in the Piekenierskloof region, planted with no irrigation in 1965. This delightful old vineyard was proffered and Ken unhesitatingly accepted, knowing that the challenge was extreme – “Somehow I had to make a wine that could show the age, experience of the vines and showcase the terroir and more specifically the vintage.”

A huge challenge indeed and added to that Ken wanted to present it as a unique once off! Not just an extension of what he already does, a single vintage by vintage challenge to show the year and the place and the most natural winemaking way possible.

Make it naturally, completely spontaneous fermentation after extended soaking on skins and stalks before pressing, in barrels, straight on to malolactic fermentation and then only racked and a tiny addition of SO2. Back into beautiful old, natural 400L French barrels (6-10 years old) for a 5 months rest and natural clarification, then bottled unfiltered and unfined to comply with the “natural” rules and laws.

The result is a tight, bright, minerally wine with texture and mouthfeel and an interesting hint of phenolic structure – like soft acidity and pear drop intensity. Built to age and gain complexity in bottle.

Additional Information

We’ve worked with wild yeasts and barrels etc. from the word go (yes, since 1994), low SO2 levels are the norm so naturally this “newfound” trend of natural winemaking caught my eye; especially the cloudy, unstable, technically dirty examples that vaunt their naturalness!

Technical Analysis

  • Winemaker: Ken Forrester
  • Main Variety: Chenin Blanc
  • Alcohol: 12.5 %vol
  • pH: 3.53
  • RS : 4.0 g/l
  • Total Acid: 5.5 g/l
  • Appellation: Piekenierskloof


  • Type: White
  • Body  : Full
  • Taste : Fruit

About the glass: Riedel Superleggero

The Superleggero Series are hand formed and freely mouth-blown. Lead free and feature slimmer aesthetic and super light design – as reflected in the name. This adapted shape is a result of changes made to the stem length.



Wine events




Muratie Harvest Festival

Muratie Wine Estate



Grand Provence Harvest Festival

Grand Provence, Stellenbosch


03-05 MARCH

Soweto Wine & Lifestyle Festival

Soweto Theatre – cnr. Bolani Link and Bolani Rd. Jabulani, Soweto





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