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Most of us know that it’s important to be comfortable on a long flight but it’s not uncommon to find flyers in corporate suits or stilettos. It is difficult enough to get comfy on a plane but suits and skin tight pants make it so much more difficult. Especially when you want to fall asleep, or even walk around to keep your circulation going.

What to wear for that long flight to your island paradise!

These are some of our suggestions:

No:Tight clothing  Yes: Breathable clothing

Tight clothes restrict blood flow in the already small space of the airline cabin. But here, I guess one would have to decide if the risk of deep vein thrombosis is worth showing off those curves for. We’d suggest : Pack the form fitting jeans into your luggage and wear them as often as you like once you land. For flying, rather choose, comfortable loose-fitting natural fiber garments . Your skin will be able to breathe and your body will thank you for it by not becoming stiff and sore.

No: High heels Yes: Comfortable shoes.

I love my heels but no way am I going to traverse the stairs of an airplane, the exercise of customs and immigration and then find my transport in them without some form of complaint. Plus, they’re restrictive and can cause chronic foot pain. Besides, unless Catwomanthey’re hardly going to help in the case of an emergency. It’s never a bad idea to wear you trainers (especially if you had planned on taking them with as they’re bulky and take up lots of space so wearing them gives you more room to pack something else) The bonus is the comfort your get when walking through endless airport terminals. My favourites are slip slops (and then just swop them for the onboard socks for the flight) Also, perfect for making your way through airport security.

No: Huge jackets  Yes: Layer up

Anyone that has flown before will tell you, you go from hot to cold more than just a few times between connecting flight and different airports. We’ve found that layering is a great solution to this. Wear something cool as your basic layer and then tie a jersey around your waist, a scarf over your shoulders etc, and you’re good to go. Also, a just another way to free up some space in your suitcase.

PS: If you want to have a good stretch, you’re going to want to be wearing clothes that move with you. Not against you! Stretch.





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