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Chef Raherivelo Claude Wing is originally from Madagascar with an Asian background. He’s been with us since the beginning, spanning 20 years! With time, Raherivelo has climbed up the hierarchy.

Over the years he’s managed to refine his art by working closely with various international chefs at different Constance properties in Mauritius and the Seychelles. In an effort to perfect the dishes, chef Raherivelo, has organized Pastry, Japanese chef’s and other kitchen specialists to train our entire team of cooks.

To maximize the talent in his kitchen, Chef Raherivelo also sends a member of his team each year to sister Mauritian property, Constance Le Prince Maurice, to expose them to the latest culinary trends there.He is very passionate about what he does; and always tries to develop new culinary concepts in order to surprise the guests.

Although Constance Tsarabanjina is not on the same scale as the Ultimate properties of Constance, Chef Raherivelo and his team are able to design and produce high quality cuisine, including their pastry, buffet for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, Chef Raherivelo will surprise you with his A la Carte design menus, working mainly with fresh local ingredients and a fusion style of cuisines between European and Malagasy culture.


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