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 The classic winged eye is back and bolder than ever before. No doubt the ‘winged eye’ is alluring when done right.

A lot of us are a little nervous to give it a go, but this month we’ve gathered up some tips ‘n tricks to:


  1. Begin by drawing a diagonal line from the corner of your eye to about halfway up toward the end of your eyebrow. Try keeping it as horizontal as possible, This helps map out the specific angle & shape.
  1. Next draw a line that meets with the first line to create a point, Ensure that you look downwards slightly to connect with the end of that first line.
  1. Naturally the line will follow the curve of your eyelid, so start drawing along your lash line. Let the pen or brush fluidly move along the curve of your eyelid. Fill in the shape you’ve created & if you want to change or extend the wing now is the time to do so. Slowly press the pen into lash line make sure there no gaps between lashes & the liner.
  1. After filling in your wing, thicken the curve. Chances are you might mess up a time or two, so grab a cotton wool swab & start the wing over if you need to.


  1. Start with the liner on your lid at the middle of the eye and work your way along line backwards and forwards.
  2. If you’re a little unsteady use a flat surface to stabilise and steady your elbow.
  3. A credit card used at an angle makes a perfect angle and straight line
  4. A little bit of make up remover on a poined brush helps to clean up if you’ve made a mistake

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