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With Valentines day around the corner, there are going to be a lot of dinner date opportunities!

If you are anything like me, the first thing you think about is,WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR? I often ask myself why we make such a big thing about this. The pressure that we put on ourselves turns the whole idea into a mammoth task, which often ends in bad choices and us completely missing the fun of the event.

I have found that the following can assist hugely in getting over the panic of what to wear:

Dress The Part

Ask the question? Where are you taking me? You want to look the part, don’t you? And make sure you keep his eyes on you! I’d say rather overdressed than under dressed.Fit is key!

Killer Heels To show them pins

Slops or your favourite trainers just won’t do it! Put your outfit together in front of your mirror to make sure your look is killer! Stilettoís ALWAYS lengthen your calves & turn a simple look into VaVaVoom!

Knock ‘Em Dead

Dress to impress taking his character into account. If Prince Charming is conservative, try not to pitch up in a leopard print dress and red stilettos! I am not saying pretend to be anyone else, just maybe tone things down a little if required. A little scent goes along away toward scentuality

Feel Good

You’ve got to feel fantastic! Choose something that is comfortable and that fits well. No need to go OTT, a simple look accessorised with flair can be fabulous. a lacy bra with some racy bottoms under that dress is bound to give you the feel good factor!

Love It, Want It, Buy it

Don’t leave finding an outfit to the last minute. If you come across something on a normal shopping day that you are drawn to and it looks great: buy it, stash it, don’t forget it’s there. That special occasion will come around. It’s often when you are not looking that you find the perfect dress.

Happy Valentines Day

Your friend in fashion

Tracey xx


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