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Swooning In A Lover’s Paradise

As we arrive for our honeymoon-esk holiday, we are greeted by a lush green & expansive entrance with an island breeze; air drifting in from all sides. The friendly faces of the confident Seychellois, their arrogance is a product of once being French, and knowing the beauty of their home in Seychelles, welcome us. My dress kicks up a little in the wind, my hair a bit tousled,& a gentleman takes our bags as we check into the Constance Ephelia Resort. While we sit with a cocktail, nearly high-fiving (we are that couple) at the best choice we could have ever made, the rain excuses itself for the day and the sun shimmers over a jungly blue bay. Paradise found.

Ocean views.jpg

Another gentleman finds us sitting & thinking about how lucky we are to be in this decadent tropical garden, that goes on for thousands of meters, & asks us if we are ready to see our room, which we absolutely are. We drive up a windy path, through green trees, & a zipline hidden somewhere in between, to the wooded Hillside Villa tucked naturally into its surroundings. The door takes us right onto a breathtaking view of Constance Ephelia’s beaches, that look even more magnificent from above. The warm & bright room, leads out onto a deck with panoramic views of the Seychelles countryside. The beach below, if you ever decide to leave the room, is inspiring.

 A view from Hillside  Villa.jpg

A private infinity pool, a lounging area, fridge, coffee, tv, and great big bathtub (with the same beautiful views), means we could have happily lived here for eternity. The sole use of a golf cart made our trips up and down a sweet little adventure and a complement to the luxury that constantly awaited us in our room. Beyond the deck are two treatment beds for an in villa U Spa experience. Instead of leaving our bedroom, lounge and exclusivity, the spa therapist came to us. The privilege of this stellarlocation was apparent & after any treatment we could just walk back a few steps into our room, already in our robes ready to fall into the softest bed or slip right into a bubble bath. Le sigh.

Seychelles Constance -9.jpg

We paddle boarded, I managed a headstand for a few seconds, & snorkeled in the warm Indian Ocean and I saw my very first sea turtle before the rain came pouring down. Underneath an awning, watching the clouds roll away, the warm air surrounded us like a sultry sticky blanket of summery joy.There was nothing to do but to be there and appreciate each other’s company (and have another spa treatment).

Seychelles Constance -1.jpg

The Spa Village at Constance is expansive, and a dream for spa fanatics who love to be pampered; cue a dry heat sauna, steam room, thermal pool, jacuzzi, still pool, foot path, reflective pool, and a daily yoga class at the pavilion. It’s an oasis that offers wellness programs, beauty treatments, spa therapies, and massages by knowledgeable therapists from around the world. My foot massage was accompanied by lounging around the spa village sipping refreshing lemon water by the pools.

Seychelles Constance -8.jpg

Being treated amongst the chirping of birds, in the open air, by a talented therapist really made me swoon. I barely had to move from my bed to the massage bed to lay in a utopian setting; I was somewhere between consciousness and complete and utter surrender. After, we had bubbly, a cheese platter, and watched the sunset from bed. When I lie awake at night imagining the moments that made me fall more in love with my partner, I recreate these ridiculously romantic moments in Seychelles at the Constance Ephelia. It was a dream escape that’s perfect for leisure, pleasure, and a little action.

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