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Living on the wild side of culinary experimentation especially with spicy food is pure survival in my opinion. Some of the most spicy food originated in the East. In India, munching on a fresh raw green chili seems to have health benefits. Have you ever survived any of these fiery dishes?

Some of the world’s spiciest dishes are:


1. Sichuan Hot Pot

A popular dish in Mongolia and China. The dish is full of garlic, onion, Sichuan peppers , pieces of raw meat and vegetables.


2. Pork Vindaloo

A spicy Indian dish brought to Goa by the Portuguese. It has a mean amount of Bhut Jolokia which is the hottest chili pepper the world.


3. Suicide Chicken Wing

A typical dish in the United States. Chicken wings are steeped in Tabasco sauce, hot pepper flakes and chopped chilli.


4. Tom Yum

A Thai spicy soup. This soup features spicy chicken and seafood and Thai birds eye chili.

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