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Hailing from the Durban township of Kwa Mashu the beautiful Nomzamo Mbatha has travelled far and wide and embodied various characters as an actress but she has never forgotten her humble roots.


With landmark roles in local telenovela, her debut role in a local film, Tell Me Sweet Something, being appointed the face of Neutrogena, Puma and most recently a brand ambassador for Audi plus she is the latest Host of Touch Central’s #MyNightShift alongside Toll Ass Mo, Nomzamo sure has a lot on her plate. 

We caught up with the dynamic beauty to find out more about what it’s like to nip around in the new Audi R8 V10, how it feels to have such great success in such a short space of time and what turning 26 has taught her.

Q & A’s with Nomzamo

Q: When you visit Kwa Mashu now, what is your first thought:

A: I AM HOME! I’m revived & rejuvenated all over again. Kwa Mashu shaped my dreams & others as they went in search of a better life every day. Kwa Mashu is my revival. I saw not only my dreams being shaped by Kwa Mashu, but dreams that others carried in their lunch boxes as they went about in search of a better life, every day. Kwa Mashu is my revival.

Q: You went on to study Accounting – but opted out in your 3rd year. In retrospect how did that decision impact the vision you had for your life:

A: I have three modules left to complete and I am in the process of registration. Nothing really changed, just the setting of my daily office, its not a desk and computer, but a cameras and script. But the knowledge of numbers has equipped me to better handle my business and negotiate myself into better & more favorable positions.

Q: A lot has happened since you first came onto our screens – what challenges have you encountered and how have they changed you to be the woman you are now:

A: I am a very giving and loving person. I have learnt to guide that side of me, without losing it at the same time. I am not one to be bothered by changes outside of me, but more on ensuring that I maximise in whatever I get involved in. Do changes affect me. Of course they do, but I am more about adjusting myself without losing my essence.

Q: In your roles as Thandeka in Isibaya and Umlilo’s Kwezi – what do you hope women take from your performance:

A: Every time I portray a character, be it Thandeka Zungu or Thembi Kumkani, I know that there’s a woman who identifies with exactly who the character is, thus I don’t treat them as just nameless and faceless characters I have to portray. They are part of me because out there is one of them. All I can hope for is that any woman picks up on their strength and resilience to be heard and seen as women who are of great value to society.

Q: You recently lost your sister – how has that shaped the way you look at life:

A: Death teaches you that you can never overcome it, but you learn to adapt to what it brings. The losses in my life have taught me to approach each day with the newness it brings and to give it as much positivity I can, because you just never know…

Q: You are one of a few black female ambassadors for Audi. What does that feel like?

A: I am just honored to be part of such a great movement #IAmVorsprung – a movement of game changers and leaping forward with no fear of boundaries. So being the Alpha Female, in such great company, just brings me joy.

Q: How does this ambassadorship translate into what you do and how has it evolved who you are as an individual and your role in society:

A: Where I come from, as dusty and gloomy as it is, people have dreams and are always pushing forward in whatever little way they can. I am shaped by those older than me who never gave up and that stuck with me. Through my uphills and downhills, I’ve always kept faith and changed the game,for me, the best way I could and this campaign speaks to all that. Being part of PUMA’s #DOYOU global campaign alongside Rihanna and Cara Delavigne and in February through Neutrogena, I will alongside Kerry Washington and Jennifer Garner kick off its #SeeWhatsPossible global campaign. All these encompass my personal message and mantra, thus its been a natural progression for me.

Q: What legacy do you want to leave:

A: I lived each day differently, became a voice for self change and that everyday presented me with the opportunity to do it all over…

Q: Where do you want to be 3 years from now:

A: Telling authentic South African stories on a much bigger scale than I am now – that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s Hollywood…

Q: The journey so far – if you could do it all over again, what wouldn’t change:

A: To have my maternal grandmother, who raised me to be the woman I am today, witness and partake in the blessings that I have. Even if its just one day…

Q: What has been the most difficult stereotype or bias you’ve had to overcome:

A: I am not one to dwell or bother myself on things that people place on me or others as a way of keeping you in a box. I am all about breaking the mould for myself and living to full-fill my destiny, without confining myself to limitations created by perceptions outside of me.

Q: How did you do it – And what advice would you give to all young people who aspire to great things but feel weighed down by circumstance or fear:

A: You are not your circumstance and that fear is just a feeling to be overcome. Be hungry to be a  better you.

Q: And lastly, just one word on what it feels like when you’re zipping about in your new Audi R8 V10:

A: SEXY!!!

Q: What can we expect from your show on Touch Central:



  1. If you were a colour – what would you be: Blue
  2. Favourite food: Durban Bunny Chow
  3. What smell makes you think of home : After a light drizzle of rain, the smell of the earth…
  4. Favourite Fragrance: Le Labo
  5. Favourite cocktail : Mojito
  6. Sun or Moon: Both, they give me love and light
  7. Romance or Drama: Romance
  8. Jeans or LBD (Little Black Dress): Lbd
  9. Island Style or Big City Life: Island Style – because of the peace and tranquility
  10. Complete the sentence: I never leave home without……..Cellphone and bank cards

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