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The end of the year is finally here, and what a year it’s been. We’ve had good times and trying times. We’ve made great strides in some areas and very few in others. But what remains important has been the journey. Our fantastic publication took the leap to digital in February of this year and it we held our breathe in anticipation to see if you, our readers, would love the new look as much as you enjoyed the print edition. And boy, did you all show us just how much you did.

We’ve been digital for just over 10 editions and have already gained in excess of 12000 subscribers. A huge round of applause to all of you, for your continued support and faith in us. We’re a small team with big dreams and we love sharing these dreams with our readers and every time we get a new subscription, we know it’s because you appreciate what we do and that just makes us want to try harder, be better and continue to give you the very best of what the world of ‘luxury lifestyle’ has to offer.

We are very proud of our digital growth as it is a new area for so many people and trying to explain that ‘online’ and ‘digital’ are two different things is not such an issue anymore as more and more people really do appreciate the difference. We love that we can give you so much more than just information in our pages. You can directly purchase any of the items on sale, book your hotel room and even watch a short clip of the latest movies, all from within the pages of our magazine. Now that is : Hot Like That. And we’re the first publication in this category with this functionality. Even hotter.

So in keeping with all the heat of Urban Life n Style, Your new digital home….our theme this month can be nothing other than “Hot Like That” . It includes travel to the sultry islands of Fiji (Pg.108) and humid country of Singapore (Pg.84). Proudly South African swimsuits(Pg.26) which are ideal for those long lazy days in the sun and sea. And we meet the gorgeous and talented, first female brand ambassador for the motor vehicle brand, Audi – Nomzamo Mbatha. (Pg.20)

These are our Summer months and in true South African style, we spend almost all our time outdoors and of course many of those are around the braai. Our intrepid traveller, Shaina Herman, takes us on an around the world journey to take a look at the different ways people do the same thing in their own countries. (Pg.68)

We also have a bumper Summer Gig Guide for you, which includes some interesting facts and things to do in a few other places over December. Whether it be catching a movie with hot chocolate in Bryant Park, NYC or celebrating the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Cozumel we’ve highlighted the a few in both cold and warm countries over that period. (Pg.164)

As this is our final edition until we meet again for Valentines Day, we hope you enjoy it and as always welcome your feedback and comments. You can stay in touch with us on our social media platforms and don’t forget our Twenty Day of Christmas campaign runs from the 01 – 20th December 2016. To make sure you’re in the running for any of the fabulous prizes, be sure to ‘like’ us on facebook.

Wishing you all a blessed and safe festive season and a very happy New Year!

With light and love,


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