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A Village Resort For The Soul

There is no other way to describe the serenity and sense of peace that greets you from the minute you arrive at Desa Seni other than to say it is transcendant. The vision of the project was to create an eco village that was self sufficient while offering a unique experience to visitors wanting to just ‘get away from it all’.

Set in lush tropical working gardens surrounded by swaying palm trees are the most authentic, rustic cabins which at first glance gives you the feeling of being alone in nature. The lovingly tended gardens offer up all kinds of vegetable delights that are used in Desa Seni’s kitchen. Meals are created from produce grown in the village and the meat and fish are locally sourced.


Desa Seni is not your average destination. Here it is all about authentic living and a holistic approach to life. People travel from far and wide to experience just what it is that Desa Seni has to offer. From their month long yoga teaching courses to the exquisite treatments offered at the spa, there is something for everybody. For yoga enthusiasts, this is unadulterated bliss. For everybody else, it is still bliss nonetheless.

Founded by two friends Thomas Talucci and Howard Klein, the village is based on traditional Indonesian living. Having spent many years scouring the country for antique Indonesian homes they successfully sought and rebuilt each one into the village it is now. Each stand alone home faces the centre of the village in a layout that provides guests with privacy whilst in their dwelling without sacrificing the ambience of being in a village.

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  1. It is close enough to the beach so you can still soak up the sun even while you’re getting your dose of tranquillity
  2. The Merapu Svaasthya Spa– Merapu (Spiritual Forces) Svaasthya (Wellness) – now this is unlike any spa you have been too before. In addition to a variety of massages, you can enjoy Aura Chakra healing, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Acupuncture and a host of other holistic healing methods.
  3. The Food – Simply fantastic, and with the whole world becoming ‘organic’ you cannot get more wholesome or organic than this.
  4. The traditional Indonesian house you will call home during your stay – Each day there are new ‘word cards’ with something positive written on them, each room is dotted with artefacts and musical instruments. There are even games for your entertainment. There are no tv’s or telephones, remember this is your time to unwind, so no modern distractions. But there is a mini bar.
  5. The Philosophy of Wellness – Of course, for yoga enthusiasts Desa Seni is a must, with individual classes to choose from , workshops, group retreats and field trips as well as teacher training courses on offer. The school of yoga is known as The Collective and is internationally accredited by The Yoga Alliance. But the yoga is just one aspect of the holistic approach of Desa Seni. There are programmes for anything related to ‘Self’, from weight loss, addiction, smoking and many others.
  6. The Social Consciousness – Desa Seni is very involved in the upliftment and development of the local community. From cleaning up the local beaches, running education programmes for the locals on waste management, or even offering a free advertising stand in their reception area where locals can showcase their business and of course supporting local business for the village requirements. Guests can also make a contribution at the front desk to the ribbon campaign.
  7. The Ethos – At Desa Seni, it is all about the people. The staff are happy and it shows. They are offered free English classes, free yoga classes, constant training and development and opportunity for growth in the village itself.

I spoke to Agung who traded his five star hotel career in the bustling area of Kuta for the lifestyle of Desa Seni, and he says everything about being here brings him peace and you can see it in his eyes. Agung is the proud general manager of the village and his eyes lit up each time he shared something new about Desa Seni. He speaks with pride of the ‘team’, how they believe in what they are doing, how they share the vision and want to be a part of it. Desa Seni means Art Village and it is exactly that, creative and artistic with a unique character and feel about it.

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Begin with an early morning yoga class followed by a relaxing massage or any of the holistic experiences on offer at Merapu Svaasthya then lunch. You can then pop off to the beach for some sun and sand then back to the village for whatever is happening for that evening, like the Full Moon Healing Circle and Gong Bath. But of course, if you prefer, you can skip the yoga, enjoy the massage and then just get on with exploring Bali. Either way, Desa Seni will be the perfect retreat to return to after a long day of shopping or sightseeing.

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Personally, I would take a few days just to experience all that Desa Seni has to offer. Besides, Bali and Wellness or Yoga, go hand in hand…..what better place to start if you haven’t already. We met a woman who returns here every year for a week or more and has just now decided to stay for the month long yoga teacher workshop.

Desa Seni is not just a wellness resort, it’s a lifestyle experience.

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