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Coffee Sweet with hazelnut crumble and liquorice sauce.


Coffee Mousse

5            egg yolks

5            eggs

70g       sugar

24          sachets of nescaffè instant coffee

400g     white chocolate

1350g    whipped cream

3              leaves of sheet gelatin

Kalua liquor


Sacher Biscuit

450g            almond paste

275g            egg yolks

160g            eggs

175g            powdered sugar

140g            00 flour

140g            cocoa powder

410g            egg whites

220g            caster sugar


Liquorice Sauce

25g            liquorice

250g            cream

60g            salted butter

230g            40% chocolate

100g            sugar


Chocolate Caramel

200g           sugar paste / fondant icing

100g           glucose

100g           isomalt

70g             70% chocolate



Coffee Mousse

  1. Whisk together the egg yolks, eggs and sugar and cook over a bain marie
  2. Add the instant coffee, kalua and melted chocolate
  3. Lastly, mix in the whipped cream


Sacher Biscuit

  1. Whisk together the eggs, yolks, sugar and almond paste
  2. Add the egg whites and the caster sugar
  3. Lastly, fold in the flour and cocoa powder


Chocolate Caramel

  1. Mix together the sugar paste, glucose and isomalt, place in a pan and heat to 160°C
  2. Take off the heat and allow the temparture to drop to 140°C
  3. Add the chocolate
  4. Cool the caramel on the work surface
  5. Melt the desired amount of caramel and heat to 190°c
  6. Roll out very thinly with a rolling pin


Liquorice Sauce

  1. Whisk together the cream, butter and sugar
  2. Place in a pan and heat
  3. Add the liquorice
  4. Lastly add the chocolate




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