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Laduma Ngxokolo is one of Africa’s finest knitwear designer and innovator of the Xhosa (one of the South African dominant ethnic group) inspired knitwear brand MAXHOSA BY LADUMA.

MaXhosa by Laduma Spring/Summer 2016 Inspiration

The MaXhosa by Laduma Spring/Summer 2016 collection is called “Mtanom’gquba”. The collection celebrates dark skin tones in contrast with bright hues to elevate the appreciation of diversity. The MaXhosa by Laduma Spring/Summer 2016 collection will capture the beauty of being truly African and proud in a modern context that seeks an eternal way of communicating culture through fashion.

About MaXhosa by Laduma

Essence: MaXhosa showcases the beauty, culture, language and aspiration of the Xhosa people (South African tribe) and translates it in a modern way.

MaXhosa by Laduma is a South African knitwear brand founded in 2010 by Laduma Ngxokolo. The South African Xhosa tribe’s amakrwala manhood initiation was behind the launch of the brand as Laduma sought to create Xhosa-inspired modern knitwear that would be suitable for this tradition. Since, the Xhosa aesthetic has come to be part of the DNA of the knitwear brand as Laduma has explored and reinterpreted traditional Xhosa beadwork, patterns, symbolism and colours to inspire his modern knitwear line.

Through his work, Laduma is an agent of change, shifting and evolving with the changing times and further engaging in the dialogue that keeps pushing traditional culture toward the future.

About the designer, Laduma Ngxokolo

Laduma Ngxokolo is the South African designer behind knitwear brand: MaXhosa by Laduma. His passion for knitwear is rooted in his experience gained assisting his mother machine-knit garments and accessories. Since the founding of his brand, Laduma has been recognised as a pioneer in his designs and his concept of fusing heritage with modernity. Laduma graduated with a Cum Laude in Textile Design and Technology from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Laduma’s talent has been recognised by international publications (GQ SA, Elle SA, Wallpaper, Vogue Italia etc), design platforms (Design Indaba, Labo Etnik) and industry experts such as trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort. His achievements include winning the 2011 Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence De La Mode Best Emerging Designer award; Awarded Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University 2012 Alumni Rising Star Award.

What is new from this collection as compared to the previous ones?
The collection theme ‘MNTANOM’MGQUBA’ is completely different from my 2014 and 2015 collections, I used a pastel colour, black & white and dark contrast schemes. I have used my signature patterns in different application such as golf shirt zip-shirts, crew-necks and socks.

How has your local brand impacted the international market?
It has impacted positively in a lot of ways, I’ve created a lot of awareness about the Xhosa culture, a lot of people abroad didn’t even know that we have cold winter in South Africa.

When will the collections be available in stores?
The Summer/Spring 2016 menswear collection will be at stores in October later this year South Africa.

Any international stories regarding your range and living style.
Marketing my brand overseas has been one of the best experiences for me, from teaching people how to pronounce MAXHOSA and my last name to sharing my story behind my knitwear.

What do you hope people are thinking as they leave the show?
I always hope for my work to capture the essence of the massage that I want to bring across as best as possible

You won the 2015 Vogue Italia scouting for Africa prize to showcase your collection at the Palazzo Morando Show in Milan, Italy – Can you talk to us more about how you are prepping for this in September and for the Africa International Fashion week in Lagos, Nigeria in December?
The latest menswear collection has already unveiled a few touch points in terms of what the womenswear collection is about as well, it will be more or less the same styles but translated onto feminine versions, I think it is very important for them to correlate.

Describe this collection in three words.
Playful, Exotic and Uniform.

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