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Located in the heart of the Capital City of Valletta, Ellul Wines & Spirits was founded by Fortunato Ellul, who was then known by the nickname ‘Tal-Maxxata’. Things have come a long way for the Directors, Matthew and Andrew Ellul since then. The Ellul brothers have indeed excelled in their endeavour of making their 154-year old experience, unsurpassable.

Suite 1 (1)

Not only do Matthew and Andrew, now the fourth generation of this enthusiastic line of business men own the wine and spirits bar that hosts a vast selection of fine wines, and spirits but they have also invested heavily into Valletta’s very first small luxury boutique hotel – Casa Ellul.


It was the end of 2011 that saw the Ellul brothers’ capability at expanding their business. They took the plunge and decided to move a bit further afield from their ancestors and diverge their efforts from the traditional food and beverage industry  to hotel and catering with the introduction of Casa Ellul in Valletta. Together with Architect and Designer Chris Briffa they planned the painstaking restoration and transformation of their Victorian period house. Finally, to their great satisfaction Casa Ellul opened in the summer of 2014.

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Undoubtedly this was a plus not only for themselves, but also for Valletta. This palazzo proudly hosts eight personalized suites, many of which adorn a  pretty  court yard. The decor has been uniquely designed by the architect from thoughtful approaches that fluently integrate space and function into a haven of personal luxury, intended to provide guests with all that they might require for their city escapade.

Suite 5 (16)

CASA ELLUL dates back to the Victorian era, possibly constructed during the early 19th century. Although the precise date of Casa Ellul’s construction is not known, it was sometime around 1830 when an earlier building dating to Hospitaller times was demolished to make way for this new group of houses.

suite 1 (10)

This was a time when Baroque and Rococo opulence was shifting towards a more toned down but increasingly elegant fashion characterised by a sense of lightness. Property investors wanted to move away from the aging cumbersome dark mansions left from the days of chivalry.  Increased demand for more affordable real estate also rendered such huge buildings redundant. Early Victorian architects ingeniously maximised very precious and restricted sites without in any way forfeiting aesthetics and comfort. Casa Ellul is a perfect example of this.

The stunning boutique hotel is a magnificent celebration of a marriage between the past and the future when it comes to style, architecture, design and decor.  Situated just a stone’s  throw away from the Carmelitan Church in Old Theatre Street, CASA ELLUL gives Valletta’s magic a high end and echoes the grandeur of long gone times, when the City was full of life and charm. Every little item within this extraordinary quarter has been individually selected to promote perfection – prestigious local and global antiques individually selected from world renowned Parisian markets

The impeccable 360 degrees panorama that can be enjoyed from the boutique hotel’s rooftop is the main attraction of the guesthouse. On the one side, the church dome towers over the viewer boasting its massiveness and contrasting the normal experience of being viewed from a greater distance.  On the other side, the view comprises Valletta’s unique rooftops dotted with a number of domes, the recently restored Manoel Island across the Marsamxetto Harbour and glimpses of Sliema’s seafront development.

Steeped in history, the boutique hotel offers its visitors the ultimate cultural experience of living in an authentic Victorian-period house, where one is invited to unwind, relax, and be inspired by the surrounding, awe-inspiring roof-top views.

The ground floor area, apart from serving as the main reception, caters for the breakfast area. This  can be easily transformed into an intimate environment by night, with guests  sprawling into the exclusive courtyard guarded by Heracles. The dual-experience of a classic, yet stylish guesthouse on the lower floors and contemporary rooftop spaces surrounded by private upper terraces, make this project a unique and very alternative experience.

casa_ellul_012 (1)

Valletta, today a world heritage site, is highly sought after by many tourists that visit the Maltese Islands but availability of high quality accommodation is very scarce. CASA ELLUL will offer everything a discerning traveller needs for a comfortable stay in this wonderful city.

Characteristics such as the exquisitely coved vestibule, the colonnaded fireplace in the sala nobile, the concertina doors and patterned tiles all add to the finery of the house. Mythology andallegory have also found their place in the house. At the climb of the staircase on the piano nobile lives the ‘Tork’, a statue of a familiar face in many Maltese houses, like a talisman of sorts. It is however in the courtyard that the centrepiece of the whole house can be found.Upon entering the house the visitor is immediately drawn to the prospettiva at the back of the cortile. Here stands a statue of Heracles, the ancient Greek divine hero, sheltered in a finely executed Ionic shrine. 

Casa Ellul l 81 l Old Theatre Street, Valletta

Main Line: +356-2122 4821

Direct Line: +356-7922 4980


facebook: Casaellul

twitter: @casaellul

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