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Vedran Perojevic was born in a local Dubrovnik family where he grew up with a father who was a fisherman and chef and mother, Lucia who is a famous artist.

He remembers his first cooking experiences of helping his father on events where they needed an extra hand fondly. Later he seasonally worked in various restaurants slowly picking up chef secrets and skills.

In 2002 he got an internship at the famous Yasmin’s, a 4 star-diamond AAA restaurant at  The Orchards Hotel, Williamstown, MA, USA. This was when he decided to become professional chef full time. He moved to China in 2005 and worked in different places picking up Asian cooking techniques, and finally opened his first restaurant Azur, Zhuhai, in the Guangdong province in China.

3 years later, he decided to open another restaurant in Dubrovnik which was named Azur Dubrovnik where he decided to follow his own path and cook what he likes, following his own creativity and originality.

In less then 3 years, Azur Dubrovnik become one of the must visit places in the city, where people book few months in advance to make sure they have a table. To briefly explain his restaurants Vedran says;  “Please understand that we are not fine dinning, we are sophisticated street food fun dining, we want you to have fun, meet people, mingle and enjoy the whole thing”

His restaurant and recipes have already been featured in many different guide  books, magazines and newspapers.

Vedran still has plans for further expansion but is getting married in October and only then will he decide on his next move.

Azur Vision Palmotićeva 4a – Dubrovnik Old Town

T: +385 (0)20 321 123

facebook: AzurDubrovnik

twitter: azurdubrovnik

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