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The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental Pudong, SHANGHAI

Make sure you have enough time to enjoy the full experience as it is truly exceptional. I ventured down to the spa for a massage and ended up spending time just soaking in the tranquil surrounds.

The pale oak wood floors and muted coloured tiles set the scene and invite you in, to a peaceful space. Butterfly motifs throughout bring an element of nature inside and by the time you enter your own treatment room you are already feeling relaxed. There is a range of therapies on offer and I was delighted to discover that the spa also hosts alternative practice workshops such as Chinese astrology and palm reading.


The therapists are just wonderful. I had chosen an aromatherapy massage and the therapist Daisy offered me a few amazing smelling oils and asked me to choose. She then went on to explain in detail what the particular oils and were and what they would do for the body. I was ready. I smile when I think back because she probably knew I was going to dose off before even I knew it, because she said that I will hear two sounds. The first at the beginning and the next at the end of the session. I heard the sound of a small brass bell and the next thing I knew I heard it again. Where did the time go?


Not enough time to truly appreciate the beautiful surroundings I thought with a smile to myself, but then I was a complete goner anyway and would have seen nothing. The scent of lemongrass on the air is always comforting to me and conjures up visions of exotic places and beautiful beaches and I think that during the massage, that is exactly where I had drifted off to.


With strict instructions from Daisy not to rinse the oils off for at least two hours, I dragged my completely relaxed self off to the most beautiful tea lounge within the spa area to clear my foggy brain and pull it back kicking and screaming to reality.

After some light refreshments of tea and a snack I reluctantly left the sanctuary of the spa to walk around. Perhaps, take a swim in the 25 metre indoor pool with its oversized super comfy loungers which create a feeling of being outdoors rather than on the lower level of the hotel. Alas, this was not to be, Daisy had done her job well. The minute I sat on one of the sumptuous day beds, that is where I remained. For more than an hour.

If you are staying at the hotel, a visit to the spa is mandatory. And even if you are not, but are visiting Shanghai, then a visit to The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Pudong, shanghai is still mandatory. It is an experience in luxury pampering and decadent relaxation.


111 Pudong Road (S), Pudong, Shanghai 200120, China

Tel: +86 (21) 2082 9888


TWITTER: mo_pudong

FACEBOOK: Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai

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