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Style You either have it or you don’t! Some tips from our friend in fashion Tracey De Kock

I believe that style brings our focus and attention to the internal, where as fashion reinforces our focus on the external. It cannot be purchased in a store. Individual items will contribute to your sense of style, but a single shopping expedition will not buy you a stylish wardrobe. Obviously anyone with a credit card can look fashionable, but very few can be considered genuine woman of style.

For me, I think of the French when it comes to style. They just seem to have it down to a fine art. They emanate a very refined sense of style, where as say the Chinese, whom I would also consider to be stylish, seem to have more of an eclectic sense of style. But both just seem to get it right!


The first step in the right direction is to embrace who you are. By doing this, you must not be ruled by what the rest of the world is wearing. Confidence allows you to wear anything with ease. If you believe it looks good, it will.

Ask yourself the question:

“What truly makes my heart sing when I get dressed?” Look at what really makes you feel good when you wear it, what ensembles do you love and what items would you buy again? These are just a few questions that will take you from good to great when it comes to building YOUR stylish wardrobe.


5 Habits of highly stylish women:


They will truly troll the shops and are not swayed by style blogs, fashion magazines and labels. Stylish women will see a look they are drawn to,seek out lesser priced items and make the look their own.


They know how to style themselves according to their OWN taste. Often they will say that they have had their clothes for years, and actually mean it. (You probably  thinking well that would be outdated, but it is not about that it is about the way it is styled.)


They always look a little” less done.” This might mean that they arrive in a slip on pair of shoes, wearing a chic pantsuit and a messy bob, where the other girl may be in a killer pair of heels, glitzy dress and hair sleek cut and tidy. This in itself sets a highly stylish woman apart. Best of all, she will wear it with ease, and won’t feel one bit intimidated, underdressed or out of place.


For them, labels are definitely not cooler. They generally veer away from them and seek out alternatives that are different.


They are most definitely not slaves to fashion. They will have fun with fashion and follow trends, without looking like a slave. If they like a trend they will adapt it to suit them, if not they won’t buy into it.

I think that it’s fair to say that it can take time to find your own sense of style. Remember that it’s all about sense of self and believing in what you are wearing. Start from within and then work outwards.

Most importantly have fun and don’t try and force it. Love who you are and work with what you have. We are all individuals, embrace that.

Be the best you!!

Your friend in fashion,


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