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Cauliflower What???

So, I am a carb lover…yes, I know its not “banting” approved but it is my one weakness but in the spirit of ‘trying something new” I was finally convinced by a good friend to give it a bash……the result – My new ‘food crush’

Light and fluffy, once you’ve tried it you will wonder why you hadn’t done it before (like me) to Prepare: It’s as easy as 1,2,3

1. Using one large head of cauliflower, cut into quarters. Remove the inner core from each quarter then cut into large pieces. Separate the florets and if the core is tender , add to the florets.

2. Using a food processor – pulse the cauliflower in one second pulses until it becomes granular. (a grater can do the same job, with just a little more elbow grease)

3. Remove any unprocessed pieces for reprocessing



– Raw –

It is pretty much like tossing any other grains into a salad.

– Cooked –

The cauliflower is more tender when tossed gently in a little butter or olive oil over a medium heat. Cooking time will depend on how tender you would like the consistency to be.


Try it as ‘fried rice’ in your favourite Chinese dish Cauliflower rice  is a great addition to your cooking repertoire whether you’re trying to add more veggies to your diet, trying to eat less carbs or even as a different idea for your dinner table.

I have used it as a rice/pasta/couscous replacement and although there is no taste comparison between ‘cauli rice’ and regular rice, I must admit, it serves the purpose and has its own flavour profile which is really not that bad. My mate is now trying to convince me to make ‘toast’ with it. After a few attempts she has finally succeeded in making a ‘slice’ of rice, using an egg to bind…..I have not ventured there yet…but am definitely willing to give it a go.



Cauliflower :         Rice (brown long grained cooked):

Serving Size 1 Cup

Calories:                         25                                       216

Fat :                                    0                                         3%

Sodium :                         1%                                     0%

Carbs :                              2%                                     15%

cholesterol:                   0                                         0%

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