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Stretch Yourself

Invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison (who is a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer.) It is about combining the different aspects of yoga, pilates, aerial arts and strength training designed to increase strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. 


A complete mind and body work out – Aerial yoga uses slings or a type of hammock hanging from the roof, which helps when trying to do challenging yoga positions, this allows for your body weight to be supported. Because of the nature of aerial yoga, practically all of your body parts are required to move and stretch.



There are a number of aerial yoga benefits that you can learn in attending aerial yoga class.

1. FULL BODY Workout: 

Because  all your body parts are required to move, the toning and definition of your muscles are regenerated and strengthened during the workout.

2.  Inner wellness:

The sweat produced during aerial yoga has many benefits to the internal body’s regulatory functions. The circulatory, respiratory and digestive system are rejuvenated through blood movement which also boosts your mental abilities. Your mind relaxes your skin is nourished and the neural connections in your brain are strengthened.  

3. stress relief:

Like most workouts, aerial yoga assists in rebuilding your emotional system as it relieves you from stress. It also helps you in combating stress  in your daily life.  


The modern and enhanced movements involved in the workout aid your body to develop skills that you are not able to achieve in regular yoga. 

5. Spiritual upliftment:

The spiritual benefits of yoga are indisputable as it increases your creativity, which helps you to develop your own artistic skills. It is also said you get to experience more joy and optimism.

What to Wear:

For comfort on the sling you should wear form fitting clothes that cover your underarms and knee’s. Wearing socks will also be beneficial as no shoes are required.

Anti Gravity Shoot at Om Factory

Important to remember when doing Aerial Yoga:

– Avoid lose clothing (to prevent fabric getting in the way)

– Remove all jewellery

– Arrive well hydrated

– Eat a light meal prior to the class (Having nutrients in your system will help to give you the energy you need for the work out)

– Avoid eating or drinking acidic  liquids 1 hour prior


Have fun and play! These are the major principles of aerial yoga. “so get on your fitness gear and Turn it up with Aerial Yoga. And you look good doing it!!

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