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Debbie Rich is not your average vegan, the vibrant and energetic proponent for healthy living is passionate about food and enthusiastic about life. Go out to lunch with My Darling Clementine!

 Debbie first discovered the benefits of healthy eating as a way of life about three years ago. She was approaching the big Five O and what with so many new reported cases of cancer, she decided to go on a detox. Prior to this, Debbie was a coffee loving, caffeine addicted chocoholic. She constantly craved sugar but soon realised that the energy rush she was getting from the sugar was short lived. 


As a birthday gift to herself, Debbie embarked upon a three month no meat, wheat free vegan diet. She soon felt more energised and realised that the ‘healthier’ feeling she was experiencing was coming from the simple change in diet. Debbie was in love, and decided there and then to go on an investigative journey into the nutritional properties of food. Without any chef skills or training, she began playing around with different food combinations and flavours.








It was not long before Debbie was invited to share her tasty creations at the popular iHeart market in Durban and although, many were reluctant to even give the tasty treats a try, she persevered. This coincided with the shift in eating habits and toward a healthier lifestyle by people in general and soon Debbie’s delicious rainbow rolls were the talk of the town.

From the iHeart market Debbie once again brought her passion to another Durban favourite market, The Morning Trade. It was here that I met her for the first time and tried her delicious Rainbow roll, filled with all things yummy, like tahini, hummus and tzatziki with all manner of colourful raw vegetables.


It was my turn to fall in love. Debbie has no formal chef training and does not profess to be one, what she is, is passionate about how valuable our health is.  She loves food that looks as good as it tastes. She believes, that the way we eat can help our bodies heal themselves and says, “This ain’t no hippy hot box, mother trucker!”


Before her food journey, Debbie was a clothing designer and was responsible for the highly desirable children’s pyjama line Blue Star Clothing. With her keen eye and creative ability, it is no wonder that her food is colourful and pleasing to both the eye and the palate. Her delicious homemade wraps are made from either pressed beetroot, sundried tomato or sweet potato. They’re light and easy to eat and the presentation in a banana leaf is practical and innovative.

About a year ago, an old caravan caught her eye and Debbie thought, it might make a good food truck. With food trucks becoming more and more popular around the country the timing could not have been better. A year later, with many long hours of sweat and labour, Clementine is ready to hit the road.


With her bright colours and interesting design, I’m sure you will not miss her. Clementine is special to Debbie as most of the work was done by Debbie and her husband, the project is a personal one.

If you’re keen to learn about whole foods or vegan eating Debbie offers a once a month workshop to anyone interested and is eager to share what she has learnt. Try going “Out To Lunch” with Debbie every Sunday at The Morning Trade or find out where Clementine will be spending the day serving up delicious vegan treats on Twitter:@ClementinesDBN.


“Why wait to experience bad health, before you pay attention and look for good health”

Tel: 083 449 2880


Facebook: Out to lunch DBN

Twitter: @clementinesDBN.

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