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28 May 2015 is International Hamburger Day! Celebrate with Spur, South Africa’s favourite family restaurant!

Who could have predicted that the deceptively simple formula of placing a meat patty inside a sliced bun, then adding toppings and sauces of your choice, would take off around the world the way it has? Millions of hamburgers are consumed every year around the globe!

Perhaps even more surprisingly, this iconic fast food staple is not much more than 100 years old. It was in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair that eating the burger in a roll really caught on with millions of Americans. The humble hamburger has never looked back.

As well as the annual International Hamburger Day on 28 May, thousands of hamburger festivals are hosted every year. On 13 October 1985 Spur Steak Ranches set a Guinness World Record for the Mega Burger. The burger weighed 2270.66 kg and fed over 15,000 people.  Spur still honours the Hamburger and will be celebrating International Hamburger Day on 28 May by delivering Spur burgers to various radio stations around the country. In addition, the Spur Foundation will be delivering Spur burgers to the following children’s charities around the country:

Cape Town : Umnqophiso Preprimary (220 children at the day care centre)

Bloemfontein : Bochela Centre (40 school-going children)

Johannesburg : Bellavista Creche, Africa Star Flats, Bellavista (40 children at the day care centre)

Port Elizabeth : Inn Safe Hands (12 school-going children)

Durban : Durban Children’s Home (80 school-going children)

In South Africa, when families feel like hamburgers, they go to their favourite family sit down restaurant: the Spur. The Spur sells close to 1 million burgers every month, that’s about 12 million a year!  A large percentage of these are sold on Mondays, when Spur offers it’s famous “buy one, get one free” burger special.

The popularity of Spur burgers is no surprise; their 100% pure beef burger patties are 160g and made from quality Class A beef. Spur also serves grilled or crumbed chicken, rib (pork) and soya patties. These can come as single, double or stacked burgers; and with a myriad toppings: cheese, bacon, banana, guacamole, pineapple; and eight different sauces. That equals 50 different variations of burgers to choose from!

Even the carb-conscious will find a burger to suit their needs. To make this easier, Spur has developed a nutritional mobisite: A full nutritional analysis of each menu item is provided, along with a kilojoule count, giving customers the control to decide exactly what they eat and choose the best options for their families. The menu can also be filtered according to allergens, making it easy to avoid the menu items that could cause adverse reactions.

Nutritionists have used Spur’s Nutritional mobisite and advise that those who wish to increase the fibre in their diets order their burger with a baked potato, but make sure to eat the skin as well! And just because you’re watching your waist doesn’t mean you have to pass up on a delicious burger –simply pair it with a Garden Salad or the Hot Veg instead of the chips and onion rings at no extra cost.

So which is South Africa’s favourite Spur burger? The same one that has been on the menu since the Spur first opened in 1967; Spur’s Original Beef Burger. The second  and third most popular burgers are the Spur Cheese and Cheddamelt burger respectively.

Spur has been making great burgers since the first Spur Steak Ranch opened in Newlands, Cape Town in 1967.  Today there are over 275 local and 43 international Spur restaurants. This phenomenal success is thanks to Spur’s well-earned reputation for mouth-watering, value-for-money meals, not to mention an enduring commitment to quality and customer service. It’s the best place to celebrate International Hamburger Day!

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