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Try out this cheeky Tantalizing starter Avocado Timbale made by The Head Chef at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve Thandeka Nxumalo


4 Black Tiger Pawns

8 Small Prawns

Method Prepare prawns:

1. Cook for 3 min in boiling water.

2. Remove from the stove and put the Prawns in ice water for 3 mins.

3. Remove from ice water and keep cold until ready to serve.

Avocado mix:

1. Mash two ripe avocadoes

2. Finely Chop ½ a onion

3. 1 Cup finely shredded round lettuce or iceberg

4. Chop 1 tomato into small cubes (remove seeds)

5. Juice of ½ a lime

6. Season with salt & pepper to taste.

7. Mix all the ingredients together.

8. Keep cold until ready to serve.

When ready to plate:

1. Place a round biscuit cutter on the plate; use the avocado mix to form a circle of about 2-3 cm high.

2. Add the chilled prawns on top and garnish with a slice of lemon and mayo sauce.

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