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A Rillette of Duck Heart, Pickled Cherries, Gorgonzola and Dark Chocolate Pennywort – made by the Award winning Chef Charlie Lakin from 9th Avenue Bistro. This one is for those of you who are not afraid and dare to try this out, please be sure to let us know the outcome. We are very intrigued to know!


• 8 Duck neck (Gizzards)

• 8 Duck hearts

• 100g Cherries

• 50ml Red Wine Vinegar

• 30ml port

• 50ml Water

• 25g Caster Sugar

• 75g Butter

• 100g Gorgonzola

• 50g Dark Chocolate

• 24g  Pennywort leaves

• 1 Small chopped onion

• 2 bay leaves

• 1 Spring of thyme


1. Cover duck in water and add in the chopped onion, bay leaves and thyme.

2. Cook for two hours, until meat is falling off the bone and keep topping up with water.

3. Strain the stock of the necks and reduce until the stick syrup in reached.

4. Pick the meat off the bones and place in the bowl with the reduced stock and butter .

5. Then beat until course pate is formed. Set to the side and save for later.

6. Remove the outer membrane of the duck and soak in the water to draw out excess blood.

Preparation for plating: 

1. Chill the gorgonzola, then crumble and place back in fridge.

2. Grate the dark chocolate, place in the freezer and wash the pennywort leaves.

3. Next reduce some the liquor from the cherries into a syrup.

4. To plate, heat a heavy base frying pan and quickly fry the duck hearts until they are golden brown. Drizzle the syrup on the plate and place the duck rillette in the middle.

5. Slice the duck hearts in halve and place on each plate. place pickled cherries then sprinkle on cheese and chocolate. Finish off with pennywort leaves

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