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When the maxi skirt made a comeback, I was convinced that I could never wear one, since I am only just over 5 foot something, and it would swallow me up! I gave it a try, and was pleasantly surprised. Now I realise that almost any shape or size can wear them, as long as they are styled correctly. – Our Fashion Guru Tracey De Kock tells us how to wear the “MAXI” A skirt for all seasons

A maxi skirt really is a wardrobe staple during spring and summer, but can be worn during autumn and winter too. That’s what’s so great about them – they are versatile, , easy to style and incredibly comfortable.


Some ideas on how to wear a maxi for any season:

1. Pair a floral maxi with a basic tee and layer with a cardigan. Great for Spring.

2. For a sporty look, pair with a graphic tee, takkies and a preppy jacket.

3. For the younger generation, wear your maxi skirt with a crop top, higher on your waist so you show a little skin, otherwise low on the waist and bare your stomach! Whatever you are comfortable with.

4. The good old chambray shirt works so well tucked into a maxi skirt. Cinch the waist with a thin belt to give the outfit some shape.

5. Always remember that your body shape will dictate what style maxi skirt you should wear. For example, the triangle body shape should stick to a flat waistband and no gathers.

6. Keep your look simple by pairing a plain maxi with a white t-shirt. Add an animal print belt or shoes for interest

7. Create a super casual look by tying your tee at your waist.

8. Wear a maxi skirt to work with a soft cotton button down shirt or a blazer for example.

9. Add a denim jacket! It’s a great way to layer for Autumn or Spring

10. Wear a fitted sweater with a maxi in a feminine fabric like a georgette for Winter

There honestly are so many ways you can wear this versatile garment for all 4 seasons. Remember that dressing is all about balance, so if you are wearing a loose maxi then make sure that whatever you wear on top is fitted to semi-fitted and vice versa.

Invest in a good quality fabric, as this garment will be worn over and over again. The cheaper options are often extremely thin, see through and end up pilling after one wash.

Happy MAXI shopping!

“Be the best you!”

Your friend in fashion




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