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CLIQUE CUISINE – Meet Sous Chef Chamila and Head Chef Bologne

Steered by the creative culinary team that constitutes of the directors of Clique, Sous Chef Bologne and Japanese Cuisine specialist, Chef Chamila, Clique Super Club is currently the No.1 ranked restaurant in Colombo on Trip Advisor and is a hot spot for both foodies and wine lovers.

Sous Chef Chamila

Sous Chef Chamila

Under Sous Chef Bologne and Chamila’s discerning eye (and more so palates), Clique has driven “fusion” cuisine to a whole new level in Colombo, being the first restaurant in the city to introduce and successfully marry steak and sushi.

Like most revered chefs, Chef Bologne has traveled the world to refine his palate, specializing in sous vide steak and gained experience from hotels and restaurants spanning Bermuda, Germany, The Middle East and most recently the Taj Samudra in Sri Lanka, giving him valuable insight into fusion cuisine.


Head Chef Bologne

Clique Cuisine’s menu is influenced by new-age Japanese ingredients and techniques, which has been

seamlessly infused by Chef Chamila, who has worked at Nobu, Dubai, for the past ten years and brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Chef Chamila’s ingenuity and skill for sourcing the best ingredients and freshest seafood has brought Clique praise and is now earmarked for its Dragon Rolls, Karage to Yaki Gyoza.

Tel: +94 766254783

+94 767254783

Facebook: cliquecolombo


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