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Street Art Legend Pastelheart Made his Mark and Left a Legacy

Pastelheart,sreet art,graffiti

To say that Pastelheart was a legend would be a serious case of ‘putting it mildly’ His expression of spirit in his work leaves one in awe at every piece. He gave new meaning to the words Street Art and we were fortunate enough to have had an interview with the creative genius in 2013.

His art is dotted around the country, everywhere from restaurants to walls in the CBD. He’s been descibed simply, as one of the nicest guys around. His art graces the walls of the Big Apple and the trendy Maboneng District in Johannesburg alike and he was quirky to say the least and most definitely not boring.


When we heard of his passing, it took more than a few days to fully understand the reality of what the city had lost, for Pastelheart was truly a creative genius, talented in so many ways.

PH9 Pastelheart,graffiti,art

Extract from the article we published in 2013:

“When asked about the ‘taboo’ historically attached to this artform, this is what he had to say: You see, I think there are many sides to this topic, Street Art, is used commercially and is respected equally as an art form, but now ‘illegal graffiti’ is being pushed into the faculty of destruction, which is a criminal act, which is all misunderstood. Without illegal graffitti, all modern day street art, murals and graffiti productions wouldn’t even exist. BOMBING (illegal graffiti) is the root of all professional art and expressions on the street. 

As with all artists, Pastelheart has a favourite as well, it’s a wall mural by ARYZ and Os Gemeos 

Find it    at 􀀃 “

He has done commissions for Vodacom,Monster Energy Drinks, Justin Bieber fragrance, The Frown Band, to name but a few. The list is endless.Pastelheart, loves collaborations with any other artist who is willing to inspire and uplift their surroundings with respect

A typical day in the life of Pastelheart, “Spandex, Internet, Scooter and blah, blah, blah not forgetting a spray can”          ”                          

We love this answer of his from in an interview, it just about sums him up:

What did you do today? I was running around, trying to get my driver’s license, trying to get paid, standing at the bottom of my swimming pool. I have no day job. I’m poor. I make art and I create murals for companies and restaurants, I’ve done a few posters for parties. I sell art, that’s pretty much how I survive. No schedule, nothing professional. Just wake up and paint.

“Art won’t break your heart”

320502_518728311484857_780476114_n1 pastel_heart

Durban has lost a true talent but more even more than that, the creative world has lost a legend. He will forever be remembered for the crazy shapes and colours of ‘lips’ which became his trademark. We salute you Pastelheart and wish your family strength and courage during their time of bereavement.

“Gone Too Soon” RIP Pastelheart

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