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Chef George Lithgow – The View

George Lithgow is passionate about food and it shows. For as long as he can remember he had wanted to produce food that was different, tasted amazing with good value and served in a classy establishment.

He was initiated by his uncle, Bruce Lithgow, who had owned many restaurants in his time and his love for food was encouraged by his two grans who were both excellent cooks and bakers. This is how his food journey began.  George is a self taught chef who loves

GEORGE’S kitchen motto: 

“FIFO.. Fit in Or …. the rest is selfexplanatory”

experimenting with new textures and flavours and has apart from his two grandmothers and uncle Bruce, been influenced by his own food heroes, Marco Pierre White, Giorgio Locatelli, Raymond Blanc and Gordon Ramsay.

The style of food at Giorgio’s is described as “Italian Fusion”, which bears testament to a chef who listens to what his diners enjoy. The menu is designed around the many guests who stay at The View Boutique Hotel and Spa for months at a time together with the fact that he wanted to create a menu which was accommodating to all including the numerous day visitors.

Chef supports local farmers sourcing his produce from a company that only sells local and for his Italian dishes, he keeps it authentic and imports from Italy. This combined with the fact that each dish is an original and well suited to his customers preference is what keeps them coming back for more.

The Designer Pizza’s at Giorgio’s have become legendary with the most popular being of course, Giorgio Armani, tender fillet strips on a thin, wood fired oven pizza base with lots of chilli, feta, mushrooms and parmesan . And as for George’s favourite meal, well that he says has got to be a truffle pasta he made for himself in Italy, for breakfast at that. Chef prefers to cook for himself and hardly ever, if ever eats out. And though he says that truffles are the most amazing ingredient which can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience, they’re not his favourite ingredient.

“Three cardinal rules of a restaurantBe Affordable, Offer excellent service and serve outstanding food”

That he says would have to be Passion – Because without passion, all the ingredients in the world are meaningless. It is obvious that George has this in abundance and the awards already received bear testament to it,  a Diners Club Platinum award for the wine list and a AA Award for fabulous food. George says that his dream would be to one day have a Michelin starred restaurant, we think it can happen.

The favourite part of his day, every day is being a part of the guests enjoyment not only his food but the entire experience of being at this beautiful venue.

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