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Dinner Theatre…Only Better in After Forever

Madame Zingara

Over the past couple of years Madame Zingara has become a kind of a ‘diary event’. Friends call each other to make group bookings so they can share in the splendour together, couples treat themselves to a night on the town or birthday celebrations are planned around the dates that the “Theatre of Dreams” is in town.

And each year we wonder, how is it possible to raise the bar …again. I’ve been going to the show for at least the past six years ,whenever its come to town, (and sometimes even seen the same show more than once) and I must admit the “After Forever” tour is truly on another level. Every single act enthralls.

MAdame Zingara,Durban,Theatre of Dreams

The international stars such as the Ethiopian duo Amanuel and Samial will blow your mind with the once long forgotten art of foot juggling – it boggles how the body can be trained to perform such hair raising feats. Apart from real skill this requires immense trust….with the one partner relying purely on the strength of the others legs. It just has to be seen to be believed.

Or take Gauchos Boleadoras . Think a marriage of Flamenco and tap dancing…at high speed…with Argentinian drumbeats PLUS hand held ‘bolas’ , once used by Argentinian cowboys (gauchos) to capture animals by entangling their legs, these cords with little weighted balls at the end, will have you transfixed for the entire act. And the duo of Walter and Ezequiel will have the ladies drooling, at not only their prowess with the ‘bolas’ but at their sheer masculinity. (I promise….I did not drool) 😉

The music, as always, gets your feet tapping The Specifics belt out everything from local hits like Mama Miriam Makeba’s Pata Pata or international ones like Walk on By, by Dionne Warwick. I must admit there was more than one occasion where I wanted to get up and start dancing…but that comes later. From blues to pop to disco, the local quartet do them all and in fine style to. Their ‘look’ is totally on point and I must admit kind of reminded me a little of the movie “Dreamgirls” or “The Supremes”. So yes,  not only was the music awesome but they sang every song looking absolutely glamorous and worthy of being called “divas”

Madame Zingara,After Forever,theatre of Dreams,Durban






Bird cage,Madame Zingara,Durban








And then of course there is the Pole Dancing….like you’ve never seen it before. You will forget everything you think you knew about the art once you see Sam in action. My goodness, the woman is beyond flexible,  beyond skilled. Erotic yes, but so enchanting and tasteful, you may even consider a pole for your home, hey, you could get a great workout, entertain the hubby and get some tongues wagging all at the same time.

The MC, Hot Mr C, is delightful of course, along with his sidekick,  Kleine Pomplenickle, the little green fairy whose only wish is to fly. You will be in stitches at their antics.

I’m not going to go on about all the different surprises that await you, I’m just going to suggest, kindly, that should you have a chance, go along and take that trip to “After Forever”

The food as always is divine and the favourite,  Chocolate Chilli Fillet, is still just that, but for me, it was the dessert that did it. The little trio of red velvet, white chocolate and Amarula mousse,vanilla pod ice cream & decadent Malva pudding was not just pretty to look it. It ticked all my boxes, not too sweet, not too much and absolutely delicious.

dessert,madame zingara,theatre of dreams Madame Zingara,lamb shank,moroccan chicken,salmon













I always enjoy Madame Zingara, it allows us the opportunity to be entertained, appreciate the feats a human body can accomplish, gives us a chance, if only for a little, while to be transported into another place but most of all I love the energy of everyone involved in the production. I love the fact that at the end of every show, every single person is acknowledged, from the chef and his team to the guys backstage. This is ‘dinner theatre’ par excellence.

Madame Zingara,Durban,hearts,decor








Originally founded in 2001 by Richard Griffin, Madame Zingara was a capricious 80-seater restaurant nestled in the heart of Cape Town‟s city centre. It was well known for its outlandish glitter-dusted service and Richard‟s whimsical culinary creations.

Disaster struck in 2006 and the restaurant was burnt to the ground. Unable to rebuilt what was lost, the Zingara family fought back and so the Theatre of Dreams was born – an enthralling traveling dinner-cirque extravaganza housed in one of the last remaining antique mirror tents in the world. Enjoying full houses in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, Madame Zingara transformed the concept of dining out in South Africa, earning many accolades and awards along the way. Being a Cape Town based company, it seemed only right to put down roots and the Zingara Group has lovingly restored and resurrected landmark city restaurants. The Sidewalk Café, Café Mozart, Café Paradiso, The Bombay Bicycle Club and, Café Manhattan and most recently The Company‟s Garden Restaurant are now all proudly part of the Zingara family.


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