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Hayden Quinn

‘Hayden South Africa’, has seen the cooking sensation doing everything from milking cows in the KZN Midlands to making ‘mosbolletjies’ in Stellenbosch.


Hayden’s love of adventure, travel and food together with his passion for sustainability is evident on this culinary journey through Mzansi. Hayden was also a Celebrity Cook on that favourite of ‘foodie’ calendars, The Good Food & Wine Show 2014.

1.  What inspired you to become a ‘cook’?

For me, food has always been about the story. The fun, the adventure and the people that lead you to that meal. Whether it be travelling around the world or just catching up with old friends and family at home, it’s the process and the people that I love about food. The food for me is always amazing, it’s the getting there that really excites me!

2. Must have ingredients?

Ohhhh ok. Lets start with seafood (broad I know, and it must be on the WWF SASSI Green list too), then I would have to say butter, garlic, chilli, and chocolate (just for eating on its own!!!)

3. Favourite Herb? Dill.

4. Describe your cooking style?

Relaxed, Fast, Fun. And most of all for sharing.

5. When cooking for yourself…what is your favourite type of meal?

Gosh! Well, when I arrived from SA last Friday I smashed up a massive mexican nachos! It was incredible! I love food that you can share and food that has a lot of punch, plus it has to be quick and easy to whack together!

6. What is your favourite type of South African cuisine? 

SA and Australia are so similar in that there are so many different types cuisine (we are both very lucky in that regard). I love my curry’s, I love Durban style curries and I just got back from Durbs so that would be on top of my list at the moment.

7. Has South African cooking influenced your style? 

Definitely, that is what I love so much about travel and tasting new foods and meeting new people – that ability to share new ideas and taste new things.

8. Most Memorable moment in South Africa?

Driving through the Swartberg Pass – I love that drive. It is so so beautiful. It’s a magical place and really a stark contrast to the surrounding areas.

9. Apart from surfing what do you do to relax and unwind?

For me, the most relaxing thing I can be doing is spending some time at home with family and friends as I don’t get to see them as often as I would like to. Also, at home I have a gym which I am a part owner of, called The Cube Gym and a wine label in which I am a partner, called Kooks. Both of which provide me not only with a chance to share another passion of mine but also, ‘who doesn’t like going to the gym, blowing off some steam and then sitting down and sipping on some good quality Aussie wine?!’

10. Describe your perfect Christmas menu?

Basically just lots and lots of oysters (on the WWF SASSI green list) and lots and lots of sparkling wine! That is the best menu – my grandfather every year buys 12 dozen oysters to share with the ever growing family! So good!!!

We had the pleasure of meeting the cooking sensation and he is exactly as you see him on TV, personable, approachable and humble, not forgetting very, very easy on the eye. Clearly he is the whole package, So stay tuned to your TV sets as we’re bound to see more of the affable cook, Hayden Quinn.




Twitter: /haydenquinnsa

Instagram: /haydenquinnsa

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