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T’is the season to be JOLLY Tra La La La – Mumm At Large

And is it ever!! Can you feel the frenzy and excitement building? Oh I can! Christmas parties are starting, loud company lunches are being had, work enthusiasm has slowed down and all people can see now are those sparkly decorations and endless celebrations and I am one of them!!

The silly season is about to descend upon us which is my absolutely best time of year.  Of course it would be far preferable if it was winter and we can enjoy a white Christmas but it’s not so we do it  African Style!!

I really do believe that no matter what the faith, creed or culture, people cannot resist being caught up in all madness that is the end of year festivities!! A time when we run around buying food we don’t eat all year and stocking up as if the Apocalypse is coming and we will never able to get food again! When we buy presents galore, half of which will be returned in the New Year! When poor Father Christmas’s have to stand around in ridiculously hot Santa suits in the boiling Summer sun! When we buy ridiculously priced decorations and anything remotely Christmas looking.  Which, of course, I do! By the truckloads.

Our home is turned into a veritable Santa’s Grotto, everything is moved out to be replaced with every garish Christmas ornament, tree, decoration and moving, noisy figure known to man!  I just love it! Completely unlike me to be so OTT. Tinsel everywhere, you may even get lucky and find some in your food or cold coffee that your well-meaning child has brought to you in the early hours of the morning in order to curry favour with Santa!!

The cacophony of noise is deafening as the offspring press every button available to them.  Always a good excuse for an escape! Which I find I must do on a regular basis. There is certain serenity in escaping the heaving mass of children, frantic shoppers and overwrought shop

attendants for a quiet, peaceful coffee in the far corner of one your favourite coffee shops. As far as malls go I do prefer quiet & efficient ‘Delicious’ at La Lucia Mall and if I must venture further to Gateway, I take ‘Emu’s’ first choice and quietly frequent Exclusive Books – “Like having a cuppa in a library”. So hide behind that paper or book and let it all wash over you. Do make sure it’s a superb cup of coffee or that feeling of accomplishing a moment of peace will not arise.

Then finally! The day that we have driven ourselves into a virtual catatonic state for, arrives! The day we spend in a boiling hot Hades producing a completely impractical meal for our hot and humid climate that we insist everyone must sit down around the table to enjoy. All the while everyone sits in silent sweaty discomfort eating an equally hot meal!!

Oh but I just love this time of year!!! Makes my heart positively pound with excitement. Once the formalities are over with, the true mayhem descends! Riotous pool

activities, wrapping paper everywhere, manic dogs caught up in the feverish excitement, over-excited and over- sugared children, and hysterical oldies trying to find the one spot in the house that is quiet and protected! All lends itself to a magnificent Christmas Day. Job well done!

But what would Christmas be without bubbly?? Preferably the good stuff you know – if we can’t get our grubby paws on the French Champagne then our local MCC brands are just as fabulous. In fact, I’ll stake a bottle of Bolly (Bollinger, in case you didn’t know) on an expert not being able to tell the difference in a blind tasting.

Anyway, whatever you fancy, make sure you are well stocked, I do. Just in case that Apocalypse does arrive.  I’ll go down quaffing!!!

With the wonderful Festive Season comes the long summer holidays.  A time when we, as loving parents, are forced to spend endless days with our off-spring – wondering why we had them in the first place? Again, a very good reason to be stocked up with your favourite tipple. As much as we all love the little people we have made, let’s be perfectly honest – they do drive you to drink!! (just kidding)

So sit back, watch the madness that is the Silly Season, enjoy it because come the New Year there is another year waiting to pound back into shape!





Mumm At Large

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