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Fighting Talk with Alain Tardin of East Coast Radio

Alain Tardin

We spent the morning with professional swimmer, adrenaline junkie and radio presenter Alain Tardin to find out how he went from the pool to the studio. Not only is he a really nice guy but also super fit and super busy and we wanted to find out more about he keeps it all together.


Alain Tardin,Sports Presenter,East Coast Radio








It’s clear Alain loves the water because he went from competing for both South Africa and Switzerland as a swimmer and after an early injury ended his career as a professional , he went on the running a fishing charter business. But of course, fishing is a seasonal business and no fish means no business.


“ThereDSC_0822 (425x640) is honestly no better way to spend your days than out at sea catching massive yellowfin tuna up and over 100kg.”






During his years as a swimmer he remembers being interviewed by Damon Beard on the Drive Show and thinking that, this was something he would really enjoy doing. Alain never got the chance at that stage due to other commitments. Fast forward TEN years and Alain is exactly where he wants to be, in the studio.


He made the decision to pursue his dream just over a year ago, packed his bags and headed for Durban from Cape Town and the rest as they say is history,

Alain Tardin,East Coast Radio.sports presenter









Alain is really excited to be a part of the team at East Coast Radio  and so far he says his most awesome experience was closing this year’s Durban Day event with his good mate Sirshin Moodliar. “Not often you get to stand in front of over 16000 people and make then scream, shout and do pretty much anything you want” he jokes.

What he really enjoys about working with the brand is the relationship everyone shares. Alain describes it as “More of a family rather than just hamsters spinning on a wheel.

So yeah, it makes you really proud when you get to represent such a great brand at every opportunity”


Alain works super hard and plays just as hard.“You only get to do things once so make sure they are done to the max” A huge adrenaline junkie and outdoors man he sees the East Coast as his playground. He enjoys everything from fishing to game farms, skydiving, surfing, motocross and tons more, clearly his weekends are jam packed with adventure. He adds that with Lake Jozini and Ponta da Oura just around the corner, it couldn’t get better than this.

Alain Tardin,Sports Presenter,East Coast Radio









Alain has also been passionate about Martial Arts since he was a kid. He finds the various forms fascinating and started doing karate as a boy after watching one too many karate movies, as so many youngsters do. He moved on to Judo but had to put Martial Arts on ice due to his flourishing swimming career. After the injuries he picked it up again but this time focussed more on Kickboxing. He also resumed Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

He made the Western Province Judo team in the Heavyweight Division. He loved this as Alain is a competitor at heart and with swimming no longer an option he was excited to able to compete again.


These days he trains with a good friend Clint “Grizzly” Walters, owner of Domination Fitness  in Durban North. He says,” Clint keeps me in check these days with a mixture of Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling, two forms of martial art that really challenge you mentally and physically.”


Alain is thoroughly enjoying this as the regime acts as an outlet and release from everything else going on around you. “When you are on the mat or in that ring, training, all your problems and issues you may be having that day just seem to go away”

“I try to bring the martial arts aspect into my daily life, for example in Brazilian jiujitsu and submission wrestling there is almost always a way out of a situation, “Unless Clint has you in a neck crank” he laughs, So I use the same mentality in life. When things are tough or going wrong there is always a way to overcome it rather than lie down and accept it.


“Other than my crazy adrenaline junkie activities and late night radio chats, I love doing motivational talks to maybe help inspire others through some of the things that I have learned and experienced in my life which I haven’t mentioned in the is article. We would need days for that.”.

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Catch Alain’s show the Best of Daytime on East coast Radio between 12-4am.

He also fills in as Sports Anchor on occasion.


To keep up to date with Alain

Facebook: Alain Tardin

Twitter: @alaintardin



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