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A Three Cities Riverside Hotel Experience

Riverside Hotel View

This past weekend we were invited to experience an evening at one of our local hotels, The Three Cities Riverside Hotel. We were fortunate enough to have a typical Durban Summer day, as we drove into the parking lot, which was large and had ample parking as we got a spot in front of the entrance.

Three Cities,Riverside Hotel,Durban





Walking into the hotel we were greeted by a large foyer, with couches to relax on and take a break before check in. The front desk staff immediately saw to us, and quickly got our key card ready, a signature later we were headed towards the elevator, staying on the 2nd floor. Our room was at the end of the long passageway.

So far the hotel was everything one would expect such as efficient staff, relaxed ambience and well maintained. Then we got to see our room, and we were not disappointed, a large luxury suite with our own little lounge, kitchenette (bar fridge, coffee machine, that’s all we really need).  Our bedroom was the epiphany of luxury as we flopped onto the king size bed and peered out the window at possibly one of the best views Durban has to offer. The hotel overlooks the UMgeni River, with our room in particular having an incredible view of the stadiums (Kingspark & Moses Mabhida) all the way over to Blue Lagoon and the beachfront. Now that is a view one could quite easily get used to seeing every day.

Riverside Hotel,Bedroom





The room came equipped with 2 TVs, couches, bathroom with a large shower and separate bath and was air-conditioned throughout. Deciding not to be hermits, we took a stroll around the hotel, and went to the ground floor where the restaurant, bar, pool are situated, having some coffee, soaking in the weekend sun was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Riverside Hotel,Durban20141108_230949 (640x360) 20141108_230851 (640x360)













We went up to the room to get changed for dinner. We made our way downstairs yet again and were promptly seated at the Mojo restaurant, the Springbok game was being shown right infront of our table, as we tactically chose the table closest to the TV. The waitress was friendly and had our drinks in front of us in no time, we settled on hamburgers and were not let down as the monstrous homemade patties covered in cheese, bacon, and jalapeños went down a treat. Just behind us the bar was gaining momentum as more and more people started creeping in, and just down the way the local bar (Hops Riverside) was clearly vibing. After a nightcap at the bar to end off a perfect day we snuck off to our delightfully comfy beds. With the embrace of the soft linen we passed out in no time.

Riverside Hotel,Durban views,Umgeni River





20141108_222156 (640x360)





The next morning as we opened our eyes…and curtains we were once again greeted by that stunning view of the river. We made our way down to breakfast, which was buffet style, everything and anything you could think of was available, along with endless amounts of coffee and juice. Fruits, muffins, pastries to egg, sausage, bacon, beans we did not leave hungry.

We relaxed on the bed, gathering some energy then packed our bags and made the long walk back to our car. We had an incredible stay with the hotel, being extremely impressed by the friendliness and manner of all the staff, the luxury feel with the relaxed atmosphere and an all round amazing stay. We were sad to leave, and would recommend anyone looking for well situated accommodation in Durban with stunning views to try the Riverside Hotel.

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