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Go Ahead, Indulge Yourself

I have many vices! Most of which I completely revel in & absolutely make no excuses for. the one that I adore is, The High Tea. I love High Teas – preferably with champagne. And I mean the real thing!

High Teas I’ve had a-plenty, from Durban to London to Hong Kong & Cape Town, one of my most favourite being the Pret-a-Port Tea at the Berkeley Hotel in Sloane Square. An auspicious affair with petit fours made to a perfect replica of the most outstanding of outfits or accessories from the Annual London Fashion Week. Down to minute detail! In my book, nothing beats the age old refinement and ritual of a contented and sophisticated High Tea.  Of course the champagne is served in crystal – Dahling. Nothing but the best for the London Elite.

High Tea is traditionally Afternoon Tea with finely cut cucumber sandwiches, crumbly scones, delectable cakes and of course, a selection of exotic teas to choose from. For me it’s coffee all the way, much to the horror of the terribly proper serving staff.  Oh well, always does well to stir things up a bit. Wobble that stiff upper lip a bit.








Afternoon Tea as it was back in the day, was the preserve of the rich as means of a “snack” served at 4pm to tide them over until dinner was served at 8pm.

However, in Africa, as is our way, we do things differently. We have High Tea for breakfast as well as Afternoon Tea. That’s how we roll! We are the bottom of Africa, after all, and to us goes the glory of changing traditions to suit ourselves!

And so it was with great excitement that I tottled off to my 5th Annual Mums Mail Sunflower High Tea! A most sought after occasion and certainly the event of the year for some Ladies! Blimey, These elusive tickets sell out within an hour of going on sale!!








Each year is an exciting theme to which the Ladies Who Lunch spare no expense in dressing the part! Lavish coherence to the chosen theme is abundant, each outfit more gorgeous than the other.

The attention to detail & opportunity to dress to the max is evident everywhere! One can only admire these fabulous divas for their wonderful outfits and determination to represent the theme and out-do each other!

Mumm at Large


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