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Jeremy Vermaak

As a classically trained Cordon Bleu Chef, my culinary style has a foundation of French Cuisine, but through my years of travelling and cooking in many countries I have adopted a large repertoire of styles and use of flavours, allowing the fresh and seasonal produce of the area to be my compass in creating dishes.

A passion for food and raw ingredients reflects daily in my work and at home. For me, healthy eating has always been a way of life, I think without a doubt the saying “you are what you eat” is not only true but also a daunting fact for most. I prefer clean food where each ingredient is not masked but enhanced by paring.

In 2008 I started a company called, my company specializes in private dinning but we offer a range of villa services such as butlers, barmen, chauffer’s, various tours and transfers and spa treatments.

Making a rented Villa or Private home filled with all the qualities and services of a boutique hotel. Every stage of my day at work, from the sourcing of ingredients to presentation at the table, brings me immense joy and satisfaction. As a chef it is a skill in its own to know where to find the most excellent, fresh produce and create long lasting relationships with reliable suppliers. Which has always been imperative to the success of my company and chefs. Cooking is my passion, the heart and soul of my work; I derive tremendous satisfaction from meeting families from across the globe and sharing in the diversity of their different cultures.

I will forever be a student to food and the million possibilities each raw ingredient holds. I cook because it relaxes me, brings out the artist within, it challenges me and allows opportunities to travel, always at the heart of all meeting places, it is never repetitive and always exciting, food, it surrounds me with summer, I cook because food is my culture.




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