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Nabeela Osman – UNIFORM (KZN Fashion Council)

At just 24 years old Nabeela Osman is ready to take the fashion world by storm. With her first showing at SA Fashion Week 2014 Autumn/Winter collection this young designer has captured the imagination of the ‘trendsetters’.

Fashion is definitely in her genes as her grandmother was a fashion designer and her mother before her a seamstress. Nabeela’s own mom, Nazira, a businesswoman also dabbled a bit in the industry before moving on to other ventures. Nabeela finished high school at Durban Girls College in 2010 and then began the pursuit of her dreams at D.U.T, studying Fashion and Textiles and graduated in 2011.

We managed to get a few minutes with the young designer and chatted to her about design, her love affair with fashion and of course her personal style.

  1. What inspires you?

I take inpiration from pretty much anything. It could be from my surroundings or what is happening in fashion at the moment.

  1. The highlight of your career thus far?

Without a doubt, this moment. Being selected to take part in SA Fashion Week is the highlight of my entire year!

  1. Your most memorable challenge in the fashion industry has been? (and how have you overcome it) – like has a zip broken before a major show – any other pre-show challenges?

Its still early days. I haven’t had any disasters like that as yet! Touch wood.

  1. Are your family supportive of your career choice and do they attend your shows?

My family is so supportive when it comes to my career. My Mum and Gran have been there for me every step of the way. So blessed!

  1. Since we all have to start somewhere before our big break into the world of high end fashion – what was your first job and how has your life changed since then

My first job in the industry was a Junior CAD designer. I enjoyed it. I Tried to learn everything I could. That job really taught me a lot about myself and inspired me to start my own brand.

  1. One word to describe your collection? (SA Fashion week)


  1. What is it like working for yourself, is it everything you dreamed it would be?

Yes it is, although it comes with its own challenges, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  1. Describe your ‘dream’ client?

Anyone that’s able to have fun with clothes and who dares to be different. That’s what the brand is all about.

What is your “Go-to” outfit when nothing seems to look right and you’re late for something?

Throw on a leather jacket and some lipstick and I’m set to go.

  1. What are your top 3 fashion essentials in your cosmetic bag right now?

CHANEL Sheer Illuminating Fluid

URBAN DECAY naked2 eyeshadow pallette

LANCOME Hypnose Drama mascara

  1. Describe your style in 3 words.

Minimal, alternating, natural

  1. What is your favourite shade of lipstick?

Right now, RIMMEL Cutting Edge

  1. Where do you see the “Nabeela Osman” UNIFORM brand in the next ten years?

I have a lot of plans for UNIFORM but my focus right now is on taking the brand to retail…on a large scale.

13. How do you feel about your first SA Fashion Week experience?

I am so excited to take this step. New doors open, new friends are made

14. Which designer inspires you?

Alexander Wang.

What is the one fashion element that a girl ‘should never be without”

An item from Uniform Apparel ofcourse!

15. Fashion tips/hints for Summer 2014

Crop tops and citrus shades

16. Favourite fabric/texture/colour you enjoy working with

This is quite seasonal for me. But I’ve really enjoyed working with pastel leathers this season.

17. One colour that describes your personality and why

I’d probably go with Magenta.

18.Your favourite saying right now

“You’re only as good as your last haircut”

19. What do you do to relax/ calm your thoughts before a show?

I call my sister. She aways knows how to make me laugh.

20. How has the KZN fashion council helped your career?

The KZN Fashion Council has really exposed me to so much! They have been there every step of the way. Mentored me and gave me this amazing opportunity at SA Fashion Week. So grateful!

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