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The Art of writing

A pen is just a pen, until it is a Mont Blanc. The story of the Mont Blanc pen began in 1924 with the creation of the Meisterstuck fountain pen. Handmade with perfect European craftsmanship, the writing instrument has achieved cult status, but the Mont Blanc love affair with writing instruments did not stop there.

I paid a visit to their flagship store on New York’s Madison Avenue to find out more about the “Collection”. The Madison Avenue store is the only store in the world that has the full collection of writing instruments available for you to look at, feel and touch. The store manager, Kristin Verdi, was extremely knowledgeable and approachable. She took the time to walk me through the most important points of the most popular writing instruments available. I even got a chance to feel some of them, the balance and the weight of each make a difference to the way you use them.

She also told me that what makes Mont Blanc even more special and unique to the owner is that like a good shoe conforms and contours to the shape of your foot, so too does a Mont Blanc writing instrument contour to your writing style. Which is probably why owners of these exquisite pieces hardly like to allow anyone to use them.

All of the staff at the store are friendly and have great knowledge of their products and I would highly recommend a visit should you be in New York or looking for a great quality piece of craftsmanship.


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