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Isandlwana Lodge: History, culture and fine hospitality

Nestled amid some of KwaZulu-Natal’s most beautiful and natural surroundings, Isandlwana is an isolated hill about 169 kilometres northwest of Durban.

The Isandlwana Lodge is carved into the iNyoni rock overlooking Mount Isandlwana, the site of the historic Anglo-Zulu War battle which took place on the 22nd of January, 1879. Designed to harmonize with the natural environment, the lodge looks as if it grew out of the rocks upon which it is built. The property has 12 stylish bedrooms, each en-suite, with private balconies overlooking the panorama of the battlefield.

There are many activities offered by Isandlwana Lodge, including historical tours by author and member of The Royal Geographical Society, Rob Gerrard and his associates. They enthrall guests with their stories of the tactics and strategies of the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift, and with human interest stories of people who fought on both sides.


Cultural tours, hiking, bird watching, horse trails and battlefield tours are also on the to-do list in Isandlwana and are offered by the lodge. There are over 300 species of birds which may, be seen in the region during the year.  In the immediate area of the Lodge, there are over 70 species. It is easy to add a visit to a nearby Zululand Game Reserve from Isandlwana.

At the lodge itself, guests can take time to relax in the luxurious surroundings, and enjoy the magnificent views and delicious food. Attesting to its high standards, Isandlwana Lodge was recently named best Best Hotel 20 Rooms or Less at the annual South African Tour Operators Accociation (SATOA) Travel Awards, which took place in London.

​For rates, more information or bookings, contact Southern Spoor Marketing on +2711 467 0521 or or contact the Isandlwana Lodge directly on E: or T: 034 271 8301/4/5; Cell: 082 415 3679.

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