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Aaaargh!! TECHNOLOGY!!

No sooner have I thought that I have finally got to grips with it, then everything changes again! Then as if all this technology in my life isn’t enough, along comes Social Networking. I just cannot get on top of all this social networking. Facebook I can cope with but the rest……….. Instagram? WeChat? WhatsApp? MySpace? Oh and let us not forget Twitter?


Well, that’s my extent of knowledge of Social Networking Apps, thanks to exhaustive knowledge of my Anklebiters. I’m sure there are many more out there. Given my naivety about Social Networking I though twerking was something one did on Twitter. I was shown the error of my ways about that and when I tuned in to MTV. Wow! You have to be pretty fit to pull that off. I don’t remember sex being anything like that. The image of me twerking would be enough to put an end to the twerking fad for all eternity.

Technology in its many forms certainly does baffle me, and not just in the social media realm either. I remember a time when you just turned the TV on…………. Now my Gr 1 kidlet has to tell me how to just change channels. You even get curved TVs these day.

Even in my little universe of expertise, coffee machines are constantly changing and I have managed to acquire just about every coffee machine known to man. In fact, I have an entire cupboard dedicated to them. Some so antiquated, I should start a coffee museum!

All this said, it is with great interest that I have tried this bizarre contraption that produces coffee from a capsule no less!I mean if George Clooney is going to promote it, well then, I have no choice but to try it. I must confess to being suitably impressed and it’s so easy even the Husband manages to produce an impressive cappuccino, including a head of note. The other plus, is the huge variety of coffee choices available. I also love the tasting service offered at Nespresso’s offices in Windermere Rd. Free to the point of almost being abused by me, not to mention the huge picture of gorgeous George Clooney staring out at me. He can most certainly grind my coffee beans anytime.

What does bother me about all this, is how ridiculously quickly all these gadgets become obsolete and then where will you get your capsules from? Anyone remember the Russell Hobbes Uno? Well, that seems to have been relegated to the Obsolete Pile! And can you still get the pods for them? I must admit, The Husband did enjoy that gadget, which made coffee making easy for him but he is becoming quite partial to the new Nespresso. Not that I’m complaining really, I am getting very used to the coffee-in-bed scenario. Now to just teach the Sprogs to use it………………………….. That would be ideal! The Middle Child has figured out how to use the milk frother quite quickly but, alas, I fear that could be to enhance the hot chocolate as opposed to making The Parents a cappuccino.

Today we are all about rushing, barely having the time to sit down and enjoy coffees or even the moment. Everything is quick and easy and disposable. I do so utterly detest the commercial coffee filter machines so beloved by cafes and restaurants. Hurriedly made with no idea of the required measurements and then left to burn away at the top of the machine – Uggghh! What you then get in your cup is a bitter and burned beyond flavour coffee. And people pay for this… Astonishing!


However, there is nothing to beat the glorious smell of freshly brewing coffee. Especially if it is still done the old way with the percolator on the stove. You feel as if you really deserve that cup with all the love and effort you have put into it. Whilst the Nespresso doesn’t produce that fresh coffee aroma or emulate the wonderful taste of fresh coffee, it does very well with coming close to a great cappuccino.

Right, I’m off to continue that eternal search for the perfect cuppa and sample a few wines along the way. A necessity in my day.

But surprise, surprise it seems that I finally got one of my brood to try their hand at making me a cuppa…The middle child has grasped the workings of the Nespresso machine, and not just for frothing milk…I managed to get a proper cuppa out of him and in bed no less….Victory for the Mother!

Bye for now my Little Coffee Beans

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