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Good Morning Mr. Mandela

‘If I change one life by touching another with my story, I have done my duty …’    Zelda la Grange grew up in South Africa as a white Afrikaner who supported the rules of segregation. Yet just a few years after the end of apartheid she would become a trusted assistant to Nelson Mandela, growing to respect and cherish the man she had been taught was the enemy.

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Good Morning, Mr Mandela tells the extraordinary story of how an awkward young typist in her twenties came to spend most of her adult working life travelling with, supporting and caring for the man she called ‘Khulu’, or ‘grandfather’. This is a book about love and second chances. It will touch your life and make you believe that every one of us, no matter who we are or what we have done, has the power to change.

‘President Nelson Mandela’s choice of the young Afrikaner typist Zelda la Grange as his most trusted aide embodied his commitment to reconciliation in South Africa. She repaid his trust with loyalty and integrity. I have the highest regard for her’


‘This story proves the power of making politics personal and is an important reminder of the lessons Madiba taught us all’


Zelda la Grange was born in 1970 and brought up in apartheid South Africa. In 1994 she joined the office of the first democratically elected President of South Africa as a Senior Ministerial Typist. She was promoted to one of President Mandela’s three Private Secretaries, and in 1999 Nelson Mandela requested her to remain in his services beyond retirement. Zelda la Grange served Nelson Mandela in different capacities over nineteen years, and her loyalty has been recognized by several institutions over the years. She is an annual coordinator of Bikers for Mandela Day. She has served as Patron for the 1st for Women Insurance Trust since 2010 and in 2014 was appointed Ambassador of Beeld Children’s Fund.

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