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Chef Luis Salvajoli – Ponta dos Ganchos Chef

JULY 2014

Chef Luis Salvajoli – Ponta dos Ganchos Chef

When young chef Luis Salvajoli used his skills in the kitchen to win points with girlfriends. “Whenever I had a party I went to the kitchen to prepare something. The girls were very impressed, “Luis says. What he did not dream was that this tactic of conquest would become his profession.

Born in Lins, City of São Paulo, Luis is descended from Italian family and got used to seeing his parents cook. The father specializes in savory and the mother sweets. “Family reunions were always around the table,” says Luis. But life has made Luis follow other paths, and he ended up working with computer and communication. Money wasn´t the problem, but the fact was that he felt unhappy and unfulfilled. Then he  decided to invest in their greatest passion: gastronomy. Even without knowing how it would be his new career, Luis had a certainty: he did not want to live in São Paulo. He took a course in the city of Águas de São Pedro, worked in a few restaurants in Mato Grosso do Sul and in some cities in the interior of São Paulo until 2001 when he moved to Florianópolis. “I love the South and I always wanted to live here.” In the capital of Santa Catarina, he worked at Bistro D’Acampora, considered the best restaurant in town at the time, and just by chance, got to know Ponta dos Ganchos Resort.

The chef at Bistro D’Acampora was called to cover the output of a professional hotel and Luis accompanied him. He ended up being hired as chef of the resort in 2002.Since then he attended courses at the prestigious Cordon Bleu in France, one of the main schools of cuisine in the world, and with the chef Pierre Troisgros. In addition to participating in events and dinners in restaurants of the Relais & Chateaux group.

Luis added his experience abroad to his passion for Brazilian cuisine and created unique menus for guests. “My cuisine is a fusion of techniques from France, Italy and Spain, but always exploring the rich ingredients found in Brazil. I value the Brazilian products. We have a lean but very varied menu, ” explains the chef.

Gradually he realized that customers really appreciate the options of regional dishes, including the famous double of rice and beans. “At lunch, I try to offer a simple menu with a great presentation. And only à la carte. In the evening, the options are more refined, ” he says. Luis Salvajoli specialties are fish, seafood and shrimp.


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