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Tips from Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2014.

We guide you through creating a Smokey Eye to glam up your makeup. With our specially designed smokey eye pallet and kit you wont go wrong.


  1. 4 Eye colour pallet in Dulce De Leche, Chamois, Espresso and Onyx.
  2. Black smudgable eye pencil
  3. Volumising Mascara


The Smokey eye is a process of layering and blending the colours.

  1. Start with a highlighter, Dulce De Leche is a perfect colour for a highlighter in the corner of the eye.
  2. Next use the Chamois from the centre of the eye and blend in towards the inner corner of the eye with the Dulche De Leche.
  3. We are creating a gradient from the Dulce De Leche to the darkest tone.
  4. Next apply the Espresso from the outer corner and in the crease and blend into the Chamois.
  5. When using the #330S brush, use the larger surface for wider areas, like the lid. When you are trying to define the crease, use it on its side to help you define the colours.
  6. The next step is to connect the outer corners with the Onyx and the #810 smudger brush.
  7. Blend from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. Remember to taper as you move to the inner corner.
  8. Now to really define the outer edge, use the black pencil with the #210S angle brush. Define the eye further and colour the waterline.
  9. Finally complete the look with MUD’s 106 Lashes – to achieve a proper eyelash application, make sure the eyelashes are not too long for your eyes, if they are trim them down to size.


The Basics: Vibrant and silky Eye Colours, lushly rich with pigments for longlasting colour. Specially formulated with superior ingredients tested by make-up professionals. The unique velvet consistency allows these versatile shadows to glide on smoothly and evenly – wet or dry. Mix and match to create an amazing variety of new colours and looks – from natural to dramatic. Go wet for more intense, long-lasting colour or to use as eyeliner.

Quick Study:

  • Wet the brush to create a defined liner
  • Use Eye Colour dry as a liner for a subtle, natural look
  • To avoid drooping eyes, don’t allow the Eye Colour to exceed past the outer corner of the eye.


The Basics: Award-winning Cream and Volumizing Mascaras, rich in pigment for even coverage and lush with fiber to maximize and lengthen for super-volumizing results. Brush applicator allows ultra-smooth application and control for individual users, whether creating a subtle daytime look or glamorous evening eyes. Squeezable tube is ideal for professionals and everyday use.

Quick Study:

  • For maximum effect, curl lashes before applying
  • For thicker lashes, apply two layers of Mascara

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