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Anni King launches SS 14/15 and answers all of your questions…

Anni King will be launching their highly anticipated Spring Summer 2014 handbags in Johannesburg tomorrow and we have interviewed the brains behind the beautiful bags, Joanna Chen:

1.) Why did you decide to start a business designing and selling handbags?
Handbags are the first thing I notice about a person. For me, handbags are a very defining piece of accessory because it says a lot about the person carrying the bag. We carry everything in our handbag, in other words we entrust our whole life in our handbags. I want to create handbags that are not just a bag but a woman’s companion for life

.2.) What has been your biggest challenge in getting yourself to where you are today?
I have a habit of saying yes to everything and everyone, so my biggest challenge was learning how and when to say no through prioritizing.

3.) What do you find challenging about the South African fashion industry and what excites you about it?
The challenge in the South African fashion industry definitely the limited skilled labour we have in the country and yet this is also what excites me, the opportunity is limitless and I am so happy and fortunate to be part of this growth.

4.) Why the name Anni King?
Anni is my middle name and King is my father’s name. This name means a lot to me. I wish to make my father proud through what I will accomplish with Anni King.

5.) Did you study fashion and design?
I took a course at the London College of Fashion in 2013 and did part time courses when I was still working in corporate and that was all the formal education I received. I don’t think one should ever stop learning, so I would definitely be taking more courses to further my knowledge.

 6.) From where does the inspiration behind your collections come from?
I believe that every woman is elegantly beautiful no matter how others perceive them; this is ultimately what I want to bring forth in my designs.  My inspiration comes from within but also what I see during my travels and my experiences in life.

7.) Any hints about what can be expected in the Spring/Summer collection?
Think happy thoughts: fun, feminine, lots of colours.

8.) What does it say about a woman with an Anni King bag?
Elegant and feminine and yet independent and empowering at the same time.

9.) What do you love about an Anni King bag?
It’s not just a bag; it’s how the ladies feel when carrying an Anni King handbag.

10.) Which is your biggest fashion no, no and why?
Don’t dress to impress, we should all dress to express, dress for ourselves, not others.

11.) What advice can you give to the up and coming designers out there?
Trust yourself and your instincts no matter what others say.

12.) Any big plans for Anni King in the future?
eCommerce is definitely something Anni King is very excited about and will be looking to implement in the near future.

About Anni King:

Anni King is the brain child of Joanna Chen, together with her team they unveil their first collection in 2014. The Anni King team are enthusiasts when it comes to designing the most exquisite handbags, by combining the latest trends in fashion with the most elegant luxury genuine leather.
The Autumn/Winter 2014 collection – The Foreign Affair, is inspired by the love for travel and the aspiration for the unknown. Being in a foreign country and experiencing the mysterious culture, with unknown excitement, is how the designers at Anni King feel each time when they sit down to design a new collection of handbags. We are happy to be able to share this excitement with fashion lovers like you.

Visit for more details.


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